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Catalina Challenge
April 2, 2011
California’s premier relay event from Avalon to Dana point - 39.8 miles. A challenge for any paddler, teams can be solos, 2, 3 and 4 paddlers. Racers are on Single and Double Outriggers or Surfski’s, Stand up Surfboards and Paddleboards.
OverallPaddlersDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Ray Shipman, Danny ChingGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Open 20-391/45:19:39
2Chris Cornejo, Stephen SinkusGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Open 20-392/45:21:35
3Junette Mccarthy, Katy Arnold, Douglas Reinika, Kyle RenkeiMixed OC-2 (4 Person) Open 20-391/15:24:36
4Mark Avina, Ross FlemerGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-491/55:26:02
5Stephen Sorbom, Cody SilvesterGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Open 20-393/45:26:24
6Adrian Stoin, Earl AlmarioGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-492/55:27:44
7Drew Anastasio, Kevin Dempsey, Gary Webber, Jack GarlandGuy OC-2 (4 Person) Sr. Masters 50+1/15:36:07
8Richard Graham, Brent CampbellGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Open 20-394/45:38:34
9Dana Murray, Josephine Monge, Allen Schade, Jody ConnersMixed OC-2 (4 Person) Masters 40-491/15:41:02
10Nathan Shore, Tim DoughertyGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-493/55:42:28
11Dave Krueger, Anthony Ramsey, Maika Scott, Rj De RamaGuy OC-2 (4 Person) Open 20-391/25:44:16
12Robin Maclean, Suzanne Serafin, Susan Wynn, Mary Kay SchmidtGirl OC-2 (4 Person) Masters 40-491/15:47:15
13Kim Dolezsar, Bob WoodmanGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-491/15:49:49
14Josh Crayton, Garrett Crayton, Ryland Hart, Carl EllettGuy OC-2 (4 Person) Open 20-392/25:51:03
15Charlie Banfield, Roman KristlGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Sr. Masters 50+1/15:54:15
16Albert Ching, Karl Fjoslien, Christopher HarperGuy OC-1 (3 Person) Sr. Masters 50+1/26:01:41
17Spencer Lujan, Michael RioGuy OC-1 (2 Person) U191/26:02:22
18Wendy Dewitt, Laurie Rubie, Kathy Sheets, Dy ValdezGirl OC-2 (4 Person) Open 20-391/26:02:36
19Erich Lindberg, Jerry Marcil, Christian KlumpGuy OC-1 (3 Person) Sr. Masters 50+2/26:04:24
20Mark Miyamoto, Corey Simpson, Jack RoneyGuy OC-1 (3 Person) Open 20-391/16:09:40
21Steve Sullivan, Don Casper, Vinny RosatoGuy OC-1 (3 Person) Masters 40-491/16:11:54
22Jill Schooler, Jeane BarrettGirl OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-491/16:11:55
23Carolyn Partridge, Sean Tiernan, Kim TiernanMixed OC-1 (3 Person) Open 20-391/16:17:52
24Laurie Weisler, Jean Geddes, Kellie Lancaster, Lorie VosGirl OC-2 (4 Person) Open 20-392/26:18:57
25Jennifer Holcomb, Leah BeebeGirl OC-1 (2 Person) Open 20-391/16:19:03
26Kyle Noone, Mike LitterGuy OC-1 (2 Person) Masters 40-495/56:21:21
27Daniella Carrese, Kylie Bergan, Anna Meghan Savisaar, Jenny JonesGirl OC-2 (4 Person) U191/16:30:21
28Liam Dixon, Gunnar LoganGuy OC-1 (2 Person) U192/26:32:20
29Roch Frey, Donald Miralle, George PlsekGuy Prone (3 Person) Masters 40-491/16:38:22
30David Groke, Jake Huggins, Cade ScharnellGuy OC-1 (3 Person) U191/16:42:57
31Jay Wild, Byron KurtGuy SUP 14' (2 Person) Masters 40-491/16:54:34
32Mike Vaughan, Seth SpringerGuy SUP 14' (2 Person) Open 20-391/17:18:21
33Tyler Resh, Reno Caldwell, John Kucera, Robert ThurmondGuy Prone (4 Person) Sr. Masters 50+1/17:37:15
34Brad Fyffe, Christian Shubin, Donald Preston, Lawrence JohnsonGuy SUP 14' (4 Person) Open 20-391/17:37:56

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