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2013 Length of the Lake Saturday, Sept. 21/2013 Results
Paddler(s)/TeamTime to FintryTo Bear CreekTo PeachlandTo SummerlandTo FinishTotal timePlace
Gorge Rowing & Paddling Centre (Relay)1:232:182:132:121:36:009 hours, 36 min1st OC-6 Relay
Okanagan Surf Club (Relay)1:272:202:232:111:34:009 hours, 57 min2nd OC-6 Relay
Calgary 1 (Club)1:222:262:142:181:23:009 hours, 43 min1st OC-6 Club
West Coast Sampler (Club)1:282:232:152:101:27:009 hours, 43.6 min2nd OC-6 Club
Calgary 2 (Club)1:292:092:192:151:47:0010 hours, 9 min3rd OC-6 Club
Calgary 3 (Club)1:302:392:302:201:33:0010 hours, 32 min4th OC-6 Club
Pacific Reach 1 (Club)1:272:232:152:492:11:0011 hours, 5 min5th OC-6 Club
Kamloops Wailua (Club)1:372:272:512:221:32:0010 hours, 49 min2nd OC-2 Club
Kelowna Racing Canoe (Club)1:292:242:252:321:41:0010 hours, 31 min1st OC-2 Club
Jamaican Time (Club)1:523:192:50---DNF
Brian MacPhail (Iron)1:512:452:392:591:54:0012 hours, 8 min1st OC-1 Iron
Chadwick (Relay)1:322:442:372:411:51:0011 hours, 26 min1st OC-1 Relay
Kim and Ken (Relay)1:352:292:482:332:04:0011 hours, 29 min2nd OC-1 Relay
Real and Brent1:282:392:302:401:43:0011 hours1st Surfski Relay
Keith Major (Iron)1:342:422:50---DNF

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