JOCC - PNWORCA Winter Series 2012 - Race 7 - Championship
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PNWORCA Winter Series 2012

Championship Race (#7) - Seattle, WA April 6, 2012
Race hosted by: Sail Sand Point
The PNWORCA season ending championship race course is usually an out and back loop to from Sail Sandpoint. The 2013 course was changed to hopefully take advantage of a good downwinder, starting near Seward Park, navigating both floating bridges of I-90 and 520 and finishing at Sail Sandpoint. The wind did come from the right direction but not quite as strong as forecasted. Check out Kevin McHugh's article and amazing photos for more details on the series ending championship race.

Overall Paddler(s) Division Div.
1Shane MartinSurfski Men Open11.13.48.8
2Eric Shaffenburg /MuluTapasaOC2 Men Open11.14.34.5
3Lance Mamiya/Mark Mayeda/Joel StrimlingV3 Men Open11.15.02.7
4Chris DobrovolnySurfski Men Masters11.18.50.4
5Calvin ChowOC1 Men Masters11.19.21.9
6Dean JordaanSurfski Men Open21.20.23.0
7Alan LippOC1 Men Senior Masters11.20.29.3
8Vance HashimotoV1 Men Open11.20.31.1
9Alan GotoOC1 Men Open11.20.47.9
10Brian BoatmanOC1 Men Golden Masters11.21.38.4
11Brad BauerOC1 Men Open21.22.59.7
12Jasen KayaV1 Men Open21.23.24.9
13Nicholas CookseySurfski Men Masters21.23.38.8
14Brian Page/Trista WilmerDB Surfski Mixed Open11.23.53.8
15Bob StewartOC1 Men Kupuna Masters11.25.00.1
16Gordon Martinez/ Walt WoolfOC2 Men Masters11.25.03.2
17Linda WarrenSurfski Women11.27.18.8
18Terrance QuongOC1 Men Masters21.27.23.8
19Ken KroegerOC1 Men Masters31.27.25.0
20Eric GerstlOC1 Men Masters41.27.38.1
21Michael HammerOC1 Men Senior Masters21.27.42.5
22Lance RomoOC1 Men Masters51.27.49.2
23James ShulzSurfski Men Sr Masters11.28.15.1
24Dave Hazen/Annie HawkinsOC2 Mixed Senior Masters11.28.30.3
25Boy Chun Fook /Graeme GalvesOC2 Men Senior Masters11.28.55.9
26John Richardson/Dustin SeuOC2 Men Open21.30.46.2
27Patrick HwangOC1 Men Novice11.30.47.2
28Kristen Schriver/Lise GlaserOC2 Women Open11.31.04.0
29Minnie FontenelleOC1 Women Masters11.31.20.2
30Tau PorterOC1 Men Masters61.31.23.2
31Lori MiyasakiOC1 Women Novice11.32.02.7
32Jackie KayaOC1 Women Open11.32.03.5
33Sybor WongOC1 Men Open31.32.25.3
34Dave OreiroOC1 Men Kupuna Masters21.33.16.5
35Howard LeeOW Men Open11.34.08.5
36Rick RotherSurfski Men Masters31.34.18.8
37Laurie Aardal/Barb SchleigerOC2 Women Senior Masters11.36.50.7
38Andrew McLeanOC1 Men Novice21.37.14.8
39Daniel PrinceOC1 Men Senior Masters31.37.27.2
40Dustin SoulsleySUP14 Men Open11.37.59.4
41Matt ParkerSUP14 Men Open21.38.02.3
42Natie BlueOC1 Women Masters21.38.26.7
43Beau WhiteheadSUP14 Men Open31.40.45.3
44Arthur AquinoSUP14 Men Masters11.41.57.1
45Rennick WoodsSUP14 Men Open41.42.01.8
46Rhonda BintliffOC1 Women Sr Masters11.42.23.6
47Will StilesOC1 Men Kupuna Masters31.44.39.7
48Jay OstbyOC1 Men Open41.45.20.1
49Kurt LaterOC1 Men Golden Masters21.45.58.1
50Sean ThomasSUP14 Men Open51.51.07.4
51Brian SmartSUP14 Men Masters21.53.40.3
52Renee TackettOC1 Women Golden Masters11.54.37.3
53Troy NebekerSUP14 Men Masters32.01.39.3
54Michael VanderwaterOC1 Men Masters72.15.40.6
55Craig HoltOC1 Men Kupuna Masters42.18.55.3
56Sarah GissingerOC1 Women OpenDNFDNF

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