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2017 March Madness Race Results
Hosted by FCRCC
FCRCC March Madness 2017 Results - Saturday March 25th
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
1Hardy Bus Chickens - FCRCCOpen Men125:43:00
3Jericho Men - JerichoOpen Men226:11:00
5Latitude 48 Open Men - Latitude 48Open Men326:28:00
3Raven Chief - Men - Rikkole CreeOpen Men427:02:00
1Dreadnought Men - FCRCCOpen Men527:06:00
3KPC Men 1 - KelownaOpen Men627:07:00
1Six Hard Wooden Shafts - DZOpen Men727:22:00
3UBC Thunderbirds SC - Men's A - DZOpen Men827:42:00
1FCP Men - FCRCCOpen Men928:00:00
1PR Men - Pacific ReachOpen Men1028:21:00
1The Lost Boys - UnaffiliatedOpen Men1128:36:00
3One Lung Men - DZOpen Men1229:09:00
1UBC Thunderbirds SC - Men's B - DZOpen Men1329:18:00
1Bag of Nuts - LotusOpen Men1432:31:00
3Shakabuku Men - DZOpen Men1532:33:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
2Please Send Help - DZOpen Women130:46:00
4Latitude 48 Open Women - Latitude 48Open Women230:52:00
2FCP Women - FCRCCOpen Women230:52:00
2KPC Women 1 - KelownaOpen Women431:28:00
2Dreadnought Ladies - FCRCCOpen Women532:06:00
2UBC Thunderbirds SC - Women's A - DZOpen Women632:12:00
4Rikkole Cree Women - Rikkole CreeOpen Women732:29:00
4Sasquatch Open Women - FVDBCOpen Women833:06:00
2Tony Please Come Back to Paddle - DZOpen Women933:07:00
2UBC Thunderbirds SC - Women's B - DZOpen Women1034:04:00
4Jericho Women - Jericho Paddling ClubOpen Women1134:41:00
4Shakabuku Women - DZOpen Women1237:15:00
4Swordfish A - SwordfishOpen Women1339:21:00
4Eye of the Dragon - DZOpen Women1439:25:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
8Latitude 48 Open Mixed - Latitude 48Open Mixed126:57:00
9Spring Surprise 2 - FCRCCOpen Mixed227:06:00
9Hardy Bus Chickens Open - FCRCCOpen Mixed327:49:00
6FCP Mixed 1 - FCRCCOpen Mixed427:50:00
9UBC Thunderbirds SC - Mixed A - DZOpen Mixed527:59:00
5DZ Distance Mixed 1 - DZOpen Mixed628:20:00
6Xisul S _Tsuy’elh 2 - NCKCOpen Mixed728:30:00
8Spring Surprise 1 - FCRCCOpen Mixed828:40:00
6PR Mixed - Pacific ReachOpen Mixed928:52:00
6Jericho Mixed 2 - JerichoOpen Mixed1029:10:00
7UBC Thunderbirds SC - Mixed B - DZOpen Mixed1129:26:00
6EHolomua 2 - FCRCCOpen Mixed1229:27:00
8Sasquatch Open Mixed 1 - FVDBCOpen Mixed1329:28:00
5Lotus Youth Mixed - LotusOpen Mixed1430:10:00
7FCP Mixed 2 - FCRCCOpen Mixed1530:15:00
8DZDHTB Blue - DZOpen Mixed1630:18:00
8UBC Thunderbirds SC - Mixed C - DZOpen Mixed1730:23:00
9Xisul S -Tsuy’elh 1 - NCKCOpen Mixed1830:42:00
6Sasquatch Open Mixed 2 - FVDBCOpen Mixed1931:14:00
4PR Mixed 2 - Pacific ReachOpen Mixed2031:59:00
6DZDHTB Green - DZOpen Mixed2132:02:00
5UBC Thunderbirds SC - Mixed D - DZOpen Mixed2232:09:00
7VOS Mixed 2 - VOSOpen Mixed2333:14:00
56 Shades of Lighter Grey - Sudden ImpactOpen Mixed2433:15:00
8VOS Mixed 1 - VOSOpen Mixed2533:36:00
8Lotus Sports Rec - Mixed LotusOpen Mixed2634:19:00
6Dreadnought Mixed - FCRCCOpen Mixed2735:06:00
5DZDHTB Red Mixed - DZOpen Mixed2835:20:00
9Waverunners - Dragon ZoneOpen Mixed2935:39:00
9Shakabuku 1 - DZOpen Mixed3036:55:00
9KPC X 1 - KelownaOpen Mixed3138:31:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
3Sasquatch Masters Men - FVDBCMasters Men126:33:00
3The Wild Bunch Men - UnaffiliatedMasters Men227:35:00
3PR Masters Men - Pacific ReachMasters Men327:41:00
5KPC Men 2 - KelownaMasters Men428:07:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
2Hardy Bus Chickens - FCRCCMasters Women129:20:00
4KPC Women 2 - KelownaMasters Women231:42:00
2Lotus Senior Women - LotusMasters Women336:32:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
7Hardy Bus Chickens Masters - FCRCCMasters Mixed126:53:00
8Sasquatch Masters Mixed 1 - FVDBCMasters Mixed229:06:00
5PR Mixed Masters - Pacific ReachMasters Mixed329:11:00
9Lotus Mixed Master - LotusMasters Mixed429:50:00
7KPC X 2 - KelownaMasters Mixed529:57:00
5EHolomua 1 - FCRCCMasters Mixed630:41:00
76 Shades of Grey - Sudden ImpactMasters Mixed731:13:00
7Rikkole Cree Mixed Masters - Rikkole CreeMasters Mixed832:27:00
8RD Eagles Mixed - FCRCCMasters Mixed933:46:00
7Shakabuku 2 - Dragon ZoneMasters Mixed1034:04:00
6Goons with Spoons - FVDBCMasters Mixed1135:52:00
FCRCC March Madness 2017 Results - Sunday March 26th
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
4Lil Raven - Rikkole CreeJunior116:20
4FCRCC Youth Sprint 1 - FCRCCJunior217:40
4FCRCC Youth Sprint 2 - FCRCCJunior317:41
4FCRCC Youth Sprint 3 - FCRCCJunior420:46
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
3Raise a Little Swell Too - Dragon ZoneNovice Women132:41:00
3ISLAND WAHINE - Fairway GorgeNovice Women233:03:00
1Raise a Little Swell - Dragon ZoneNovice Women335:25:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
2Sasquatch Novice Mixed - FVDBCNovice Mixed128:43:00
2Fortified 2 - FLCCNovice Mixed230:52:00
3Fortified 1 - FLCCNovice Mixed333:52:00
1Eye of the Dragon - Dragon ZoneNovice Mixed434:08:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
2PR Sr Masters Men - Pacific ReachSM Men125:45:00
5Holo Nui Men - FLCCSM Men226:06:00
5Latitude 48 Senior Men - Latitude 48SM Men326:16:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
5Latitude 48 Senior Women - Latitude 48SM Women129:31:00
1Ohana Spirit Lightning - FCRCCSM Women230:02:00
1Ohana Spirit Thunder - FCRCCSM Women331:06:00
5Holo Nui Women - FLCCSM Women431:38:00
2Catalina - FLCCSM Women533:19:00
2Team Eagle Spirit - FLCCSM Women633:23:00
3Team Hawk - FLCCSM Women733:35:00
2Millenium Falcons - FLCCSM Women835:23:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
3Holo Nui Mixed 1 - FLCCSM Mixed127:22:00
1PR Mixed Masters 2 - Pacific ReachSM Mixed227:24:00
3Gibsons Mixed 1 - GibsonsSM Mixed328:03:00
3Latitude 48 Senior Mixed - Latitude 48SM Mixed428:32:00
3Holo Nui Mixed 2 - FLCCSM Mixed528:59:00
3Gibsons Mixed 2 - GibsonsSM Mixed629:20:00
4Cathui - FLCCSM Mixed733:21:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
5Gibsons Guys - GibsonsGM Men126:26:00
5FCRCC Kupuna Kane - FCRCCGM Men226:44:00
4FLCC Golden Masters Mens - Fort LangleyGM Men329:14:00
5Huligans Men - FCRCCGM Men431:35:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
4FLCC Golden Masters Women - Fort LangleyGM Women131:40:00
2Titanium 1 - Fort LangleyGM Women232:58:00
5Titanium 2 - Fort LangleyGM Women333:20:00
4FCRCC Kupuna Wahine - FCRCCGM Women433:48:00
4Huligans Women - FCRCCGM Women535:34:00
Heat Team Division Div. Place Time
2FLCC Golden Masters Mixed-up - Fort LangleyGM Mixed129:26:00
1FCRCC Kupuna Red - FCRCCGM Mixed229:40:00
2FLCC Golden Masters Mixed Nuts - Fort LangleyGM Mixed329:48:00
1FCRCC Kupuna Green - FCRCCGM Mixed431:23:00
1Huligans Blue - FCRCCGM Mixed534:02:00
1Huligans Black - FCRCCGM Mixed634:29:00

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