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2017 Lotus Ice Breaker V12 Race - Jan. 14, 2017
With a temperature of about -2 C, it was a true IceBreaker this year! Lotus had a challenge preparing for this one - scraping ice and snow to make it as safe and easy as possible for paddlers to get canoes on and off the water, and to change crews between events. Kudos to them all for pulling off a great start to the paddling year.
Lotus Icebreaker 2017
Place Team Name Club Division Div. Place Time
Heat 1
1CIBC One WestDragon ZoneMixed Open128:08
2DZ Distance 1Dragon ZoneMixed Open228:36
3DZ Distance 2Dragon ZoneMixed Open329:08
4FCRCC PremierFCRCCMixed Open429:19
5FCRCC MDFCRCCMixed Open531:01
Heat 2
1JerichoJericho Paddling ClubMixed Open127:38
2FCRCC Outrigger MastersFCRCCMixed Masters 40+127:58
3FCRCC Outrigger BFCRCCMixed Open229:01
4Dreadnought Ladies 1FCRCCWomen Open130:50
5Team Eagle / Team HawkFort Langley Canoe ClubWomen Master 50+133:01
6Goons with SpoonsFraser Valley Dragonboat ClubMixed Master 40+233:40
Heat 3
1Jericho MixedJerichoMixed Open127:43
2FCRCC Premier WomenFCRCCWomen Open130:19
3Gibsons Polar PaddlersGibsonsMixed Master128:57
4VOS Goose BumpsVOSMixed Open229:52
5PuckmuckusDragon ZoneMixed Open330:19
Heat 4
1Hearty Bus Chickens (*fastest time of the day)FCRCCMixed Open125:22
2FCRCC Outrigger AFCRCCMixed Open225:30
3Pacific Reach MenPacific ReachMen Open126:17
4FLCC Golden MastersFort Langley Canoe ClubMixed Master 60+130:06
5FCRCC KupunasFCRCCMixed Master 60+230:18
6FLCC FortifiedFort Langley Canoe ClubMixed Master 60+334:02
Heat 5
1Harrison Sasquatch IIIFraser Valley Dragonboat ClubMixed Open128:01
2Harrison Sasquatch IIFraser Valley Dragonboat ClubMixed Master 50+128:57
312 Shades of GreySudden ImpactMixed Open130:17
4Catalina and FriendsFort Langley Canoe ClubMixed Master 50+232:04
5Raise a Little SwellDragon ZoneWomen Master 40+136:45
Heat 6
1UBC Thunderbirds SC - ADragon ZoneMixed Open128:39
2UBC Thunderbirds SC - BDragon ZoneMixed Open230:57
3Lima MahinaFairway Gorge PaddlingMixed Open331:26
4Ohana SpiritFCRCCWomen Master 60+132:13
5HuligansFCRCCMixed Master 50+132:54
6TitaniumFort Langley Canoe ClubWomen Master 60+133:45
Heat 7
1Xisul S_Tsuy'elhNanaimo Canoe and KayakMixed Open129:43
2RD EaglesFCRCCMixed Master 40+130:43
3WaverunnersDragon ZoneMixed Open231:07
4ShakabukuDragon ZoneMixed Open331:27
5Powell RiverPowell River Canoe ClubMixed Master 50+132:07
6Eye of the DragonDragon ZoneMixed Open Special134:25
Heat 8
1FGPC HULIgans 1Fairway Gorge PaddlingMixed Open130:36
2FGPC HULIgans 2Fairway Gorge PaddlingMixed Open232:05
3FGPC HULIgans 3Fairway Gorge PaddlingMixed Open332:40
4Harrison OutlawsFraser Valley Dragon BoatMixed Open433:47
5Lotus WomenLotus Sports ClubWomen Open134:03
6We are not WimpsPitt Meadows Paddling ClubWomen Master 40+138:07

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