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Kan-u Hack-it - 1500 M. Sprint Race Results - March 4 2017

Hosted by: Fairway Gorge Paddling Club

Mixed Heat 1
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:07.57
2FGPC Huligans Rec Kan Hakit9:23.37
3FGPC Huligans Buoys R Us10:17.28
Mixed Heat 2
1FGPC OCDB 29:00.15
2FGPC Huligans Rec-King Crew9:58.54
3FGPC Huligans Rec Spirit10:35.94
Mixed Heat 3
1FGPC OCDB 19:02.41
2FGPC Huligans Rec Sprinters9:23.13
3FGPC Huligans Rec Warriors10:38.77
Mixed Heat 4
1VCKC Mixed8:11.24
2ORPC Mixed Open8:37.10
3NCKC Senior Masters8:42.44
Mixed Heat 5
1FGPC IM 28:25.43
2Xisul S_Tsey'elh 18:42.06
3Xisul S_Tsey'elh 29:50.90
Mixed Heat 6
1FLCC Golden Masters8:57.67
2Snow Paddlers of Maple Bay9:09.84
Mixed Heat 7
1FGPC IM 18:44.14
2Skittles Kan Hakit9:05.53
Mixed Semi Final 1
1VCKC Mixed8:20.82
2Xisul S_Tsey'elh 19:54.45
Mixed Semi Final 2
1FGPC OCDB 19:13.36
2FGPC Huligans Rec-King Crew10:21.70
Mixed Semi Final 3
1NCKC SM9:00.95
2FGPC OCDB 29:01.12
3FGPC Huligans Rec Kan Hakit9:29.28
Mixed Semi Final 4
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:13.60
2Xisul S_Tsey'elh 19:13.62
3Skittles Kan Hakit9:16.68
Mixed Semi Final 5
1FGPC IM 19:10.56
2Snow Paddlers of Maple Bay9:38.45
3FGPC Huligans Rec Warriors11:25.19
Mixed Semi Final 6
1ORPC Mixed Open9:01.95
2FLCC Golden Masters9:18.14
3FGPC Huligans Rec Spirit11:03.06
Mixed Semi Final 7
1FGPC IM 28:48.83
2FGPC Huligan Rec Sprinters10:19.79
3FGPC Huligans Buoys R Us10:39.79
Men's Heat 1
1VCKC Marathoners7:51.85
2VYPC Junior Men9:23.41
Men's Heat 2
1ORPC and Friends8:11.12
2FLCC Golden Masters9:04.35
Men's Semi Final 1
1ORPC and Friends8:44.36
2VYPC Junior Men10:33.42
Men's Semi Final 2
1VCKC Marathoners8:03.90
2FLCC Golden Masters9:56.75
Women's Heat 1
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:17.38
2FLCC Golden Masters9:35.29
3ORPC Development10:01.82
Women's Heat 2
1ORPC Senior Masters9:04.12
2Latitude 48 Senior Masters9:15.20
Women's Heat 3
1Latitude 48 Open8:54.35
2FGPC Huligans Wahine10:06.63
Women's Semi Final 1
1Latitude 48 Open9:03.31
2Latitude 48 Senior Masters9:35.11
Women's Semi Final 2
1ORPC Senior Masters9:21.97
2FLCC Golden Masters9:55.83
Women's Semi Final 3
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:35.73
2FGPC Huligans Wahine10:19.68
3ORPC Development10:24.10
1ORPC Mixed Open8:45.53
2NCKC SM8:55.43
3FGPC IM 19:03.98
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:01.64
2VCKC Mixed8:24.13
3FGPC IM 28:51.09
MEN'S Final
1VCKC Marathoners7:55.50
2ORPC and Friends8:27.98
3FLCC Golden Masters9:22.32
1Latitude 48 Senior Masters9:27.73
2FLCC Golden Masters9:52.93
3FGPC Huligans Wahine10:32.96
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger8:29.29
2Latitude 48 Open8:57.52
3ORPC Senior Masters9:17.44

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