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Jericho Iron Classic - May 26 2018
Thanks to everyone who raced, to the Jericho Sailing Centre and to all our volunteers. We had a total of 54 crews, with increasing numbers in the Unlmited division. The racing was competitive, the food delicious, photos amazing (thanks Roger Pimenta). The big hiccup was the cancellation of the 7am ferry from Victoria. This required a shuffling of the schedule as we waited for paddlers and canoes. With agreement from all sides, this was just a blip. A slightly shorter long course kept the day running smoothly.
SHORT COURSE (approx. 8 km.): West to a marker placed near freighters, southwest to 2nd channel marker, back to Jericho
Start of Race
Photo courtesy Roger Pimenta
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Sasquatch - FVPCMixed Open147:23.7
2RD Tanifeh - FCRCCMixed Open247:50.9
3Wailua OutriggerMixed Masters 40+148:15.1
4Holo Nui 1 - FLCCMixed Masters 40+248:35.0
5Holo Nui 2 - FLCCMixed Masters 40+349:46.0
6Pacific Reach MixedMixed Open349:53.9
7Lotus Na Pali WomenWomen Open150:46.9
8VOS MixMixed Open453:01.3
9FLCC Golden MastersMixed Masters 60+154:12.4
10Huligans - FCRCCWomen? Mixed Masters 60+?1:00:28.1
WOMEN / OPEN MIXED LONG COURSE (approx. 14 km.) Race course: West to a marker placed near freighters, southwest to red bell can, over to the new yellow wave energy marker, east to 2nd dolphin and back to Jericho pier.
Jericho Makini
Photo courtesy Roger Pimenta
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Hardy Bus ChickensMixed Open11:12:43.0
2FGPC Comp WomenWomem Unlimited11:13:17.0
3Ship My Pants - Lat 48Mixed Unlimited11:15:35.1
4KPC WomenWomen Open11:16:33.5
5Kikaha O Ke KaiMixed Open21:19:19.9
6FCRCC Women 1Women Unlimited21:19:25.4
7Jericho Women (JPC)Women Unlimited31:20:20.6
8Comox CrewWomen Open21:20:42.0
9FCRCC WMDMixed Open31:21:37.1
10Tahiti 50s/60sWomen Masters 50+11:22:02.9
11E Holomua - FCRCCOpen41:22:24.4
12IM Open Mixed - FGPCOpen51:25:21.8
13VOS Women 1Women Open31:30:57.9
14IM Women - FGPCWomen Open41:32:08.9
15ORPC Open MixedMixed Open61:34:50.3
16FCRCC Kupuna WahineWomen Masters 60+11:39:53.5
17FLCC CatalinaWomen Masters 50+21:40:54.1
MEN / MASTERS MIXED LONG COURSE (approx. 14 km.) Race course: Same as women's/open mixed
Jericho Makini
Photo courtesy Roger Pimenta
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FGPC Comp MenMen Unlimited11:06:03.8
2Cascadia 8xs / 4ysMen Unlimited21:06:23.3
3Geronimo Canoe ClubMen Unlimited31:09:08.2
4Jericho 1Men Unlimited41:09:27.3
5Pacific ReachMen Unlimited51:10:31.8
6FCRCC 1Men Unlimited61:11:26.0
7Team Cream - Lat 48 And CoMen Unlimited71:12:28.6
8Tahiti MenMen Open11:13:14.0
9FGPC Comp Open MenMen Open21:14:51.2
10VOS Mens MastersMen Masters 40+11:15:49.0
11Kai PanaMen Unlimited81:17:01.6
12Jericho PailoloMen Masters 40+21:19:57.4
13CalgaryMen Open31:20:05.3
14Sasquatch Mixed Sr MastersMixed Masters 50+11:21:06.2
15FCRCC Kupuna KaneMen Masters 60+11:21:35.9
16Greg Bo, His Boatload Of Beautiful MenMen Open41:22:05.3
17Sasquatch Mixed MastersMixed Masters 40+31:22:34.7
18IM Sr Masters Men - FGPCMen Masters 50+21:23:17.1
19Pacific Feach Mixed MastersMixed Masters 40+41:23:45.0
20FLCC CatalinaMen Masters 50+31:23:49.7
21ORPC Masters MixedMixed Masters 40+51:25:22.0
22FLCC Golden MastersMen Masters 60+21:30:03.5
23FCRCC Kupuna HuiMixed Masters 60+31:32:16.9
24FLCC Night RidersMixed Masters 40+61:34:30.9
25Lotus Youth MenMen Open5DSQ
26KPC Open MenMen Open6DSQ
27FCRCC WMD Mixed 2Mixed Masters 40+7DSQ

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