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Fairway Gorge V12 Race Results
February 3, 2018 ~ Victoria BC
OverallClub and TeamTime
1FGPC Competitive (Gorge Outrigger)45:58.38
2VIP P146:59.82
3Latitude 48 Rising Tide48:39.22
4Latitude 48 Kraken50:36.80
5ORPC Kanu of Fools51:26.31
6Xisul S_Thuyelh52:33.68
7FGPC OCDB52:43.61
8FGPC IM Relentless52:57.28
9FGPC IM Tenacious53:38.05
10Powell River and Friends Tahiti Boat53:41.66
11Powell River and Young Friends53:58.13
12Wolf Pack53:58.13
13FLCC Golden Masters55:02.42
14NCKC Honey Badgers55:18.83
15SLCC Klefkoot Outrigger55:47.05
16FLCC Catalina56:54.12
17FGPC Huligans57:05.22
18Maple Bailers58:33.68
19FVDBC Goons with Spoons59:05.94
20PC Takitimu1:00:34.40

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