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2018 Lotus Ice Breaker V12 Race - Jan. 13, 2018
With a temperature of about 6 C, it was much milder than last year's snow scraper! Fog threatened in the early morning but the rest of the day was mild and if not sunny - not rainy!!!
Place Team /Club Division Div. Place Time
Heat 1
1FCRCC WMD TwoMixed Open10:25:46
2FCRCC Hardy Bus ChickensMixed Open20:26:11
3Dragon Zone FiretruckMixed Open30:27:33
4FVPC Sasquatch Open 1Mixed Open40:28:43
5Jericho Open MixedMixed Open50:28:53
6FCRCC WMD OneMixed Open60:30:16
Heat 2
1Pacific Reach GlidersMixed Open10:27:23
2Vancouver Ocean SportsMixed Open20:31:20
3FVPC Goons With SpoonsMixed Open30:32:12
4FCRCC HuligansMixed Master 60+10:32:40
5FLCC Team Eagle HawkWomen Masters 50+10:32:49
6FLCC Titanium BlackWomen Masters 60+10:33:08
Heat 3
1Pacific Reach SurgersMen Open10:25:51
2FVPC Sasquatch Open 2Mixed Open10:29:17
3Sudden Impact 12 Shades of GreyMixed Open20:29:43
4FCRCC Ohana SpiritWomen Masters 50+10:31:19
5FCRCC The IciclesMixed Masters 40+10:31:46
6FLCC Titanium BlueWomen Masters 60+10:31:48
Heat 4
1Gibsons Winter WarriorsMixed Masters 40+10:29:14
2NCKC Xisul S_Tsuy'elhMixed Open10:29:25
3FCRCC KupunasMixed Masters 60+10:29:31
4FLCC Holo NuiMixed Masters 40+20:30:21
5FVPC Harrison What EverMixed Open20:31:36
Heat 5
1FCRCC DolphinsU1210:28:27
2Pacific Reach MixedMixed Open10:28:31
3FCRCC WhalesU1220:29:38
4FCRCC DreadnoughtMixed Novice10:29:52
5Dragon Zone SwordfishMixed Novice20:30:31
6Dragon Zone Burnaby South Raging RebelsJunior10:35:18
Heat 6
1Powell River Golden IceMixed Masters 60+10:28:35
2FGPC Lima MahinaMixed Open10:29:33
3Delta ChillMixed Masters 40+10:29:52
4FLCC Ice Cube GreysMixed Masters 60+20:30:33
5FLCC Frozen FossilsMixed Masters 60+30:31:18
6Dragon Zone Shakabuku Big SplashMixed Men10:32:05
Heat 7
1Latitude 48 Open MixedOpen Mixed10:26:08
2Latitude 48 SM MixedMixed Masters 50+10:28:00
3Dragon Zone FireboatOpen Mixed20:29:06
4FCRCC RD EaglesOpen Mixed30:30:06
5FVPC 5 Star Canoe ClubOpen Mixed40:31:32
6Dragon Zone Dragon Hearts NoviceNovice Mixed10:33:15
Heat 8
1FCRCC Ice CapsMixed Open10:29:26
2FCRCC TCC Big SplashMixed Open20:30:55
3FLCC CatalinaMixed Masters 40+10:31:57
4Dragon Zone WaverunnersMixed Open30:32:06
5Lotus MixedMixed Open40:33:06

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