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Kaiwi Channel Relay - Molokai to Oahu - Saturday, April 21 2018

Hosted by: Pa'a

Overall Team/Paddlers Division Model Div. Place Time
1Team Kaiwaa: Pat Dolan, Kainoa TanoaiM 18-39 OC1Ares14:40:49
2Team Kaiwaa: Kai Bartlett, Bobby PrattM 18-39 OC1Ares24:44:28
3Team PueĊ: Manny Kulukulualani, Keakua NolanM 18-39 OC1Pueo 234:46:13
4Tuarongo Cowan, Kaihe-Blaze Chong ChongM 18-39 OC1-44:47:26
5Team Test Icesicles: Jack Roney, Ryan DolanM 18-39 OC1Ares54:54:15
6Team Kai Wa'a Kaho'okele: Kekoa Kaho'okele-santos, Triston Kaho'okele-santosM 18-39 OC1Ares Pro64:54:16
7Team Supervisors: Christian Bradley, Simeon KepalomaM 18-39 OC1Pueo74:57:02
8Team Gentle Giants: Igor Sobreira, Levi-Jordan GoeasM 18-39 OC1Ares85:02:56
9Team Breathers: Mario Mausio, Conan HerbertM 18-39 OC1Pueo 295:07:00
10Team Tahiti Nui Hanalei: Christian Marston, Jesse PalumboM 18-39 OC1Pueo105:08:37
11Team Indar & Roland: Indar Lange, Roland TereM 18-39 OC1-115:09:42
12Team Maui Jim: Aaron Napoleon, Matthew DubruleM 40-49 OC1Ares15:11:42
13Mike Keliipuleole, Steve RoulstonM 18-39 OC1P2125:15:13
14Team Enya: Tapashishi Worthington, Kealii PaiainaM 40-49 OC1-25:16:46
15Team Dudoit: Dane Dudoit, Kevin DudoitM 18-39 OC1Ares135:18:11
16Team Enya Mauf: Pat Von, Gavin HanoaM 40-49 OC1Pueo 235:18:19
17Team C&C: Cory Nakamura, Chauncey CodyM 18-39 OC1Pueo X145:19:15
18Team Warriors and Gators: Lex Raas/Johnny McCandless, JP Atherholt/Lopaka WhiteM OC2Gemini15:23:11
19Team Jordan and Tiloi: Jordan Gomes, Tiloi AlapaM 18-39 OC1Pueo155:33:34
20Team Kawaihoa: Michael/Keawe Pedersen, Danny/Kawaihoa Loui, Wyatt Jones/Cole JonesM Jr-Ad OC2 (6)Tempest15:37:52
21Team Kaiwaa women: Amy Woodward, Andrea MollerF 18-39 OC1Ares15:40:49
22Team Kupaianaha: Marjorie Kahookele/Pea Willy Pea, Pedro Gapero Jr./Haley KalamaMix OC2Gemini85:42:42
23Team Rooster: Ken Gittins, Bryon GilbertM 50-59 OC1Pueo 215:44:24
24Team OKLK JRS: Aukina Hunt, James MorrisM Jr OC1-15:48:56
25Team The Chinese Assasin and: Jason Bellefeuille, Phillip YeeM 40-49 OC1Pueo X45:49:00
26Team Ottomatic: John "Otto" Redongo/Matt Earls, Matt Daniels/Daniels LedesmaM OC2 (8)OC2 Gemin15:58:32
27Team Io Boyz: Tyler Makaiwi, Kama Lee LoyM 18-39 OC1Ares166:00:35
28Kaimana Gomes, Pono AuldM 18-39 OC1-176:01:17
29Team Fluffybeerbellies: Bj Bagood, Adam Treinen-aeaM 18-39 OC1Pueo186:01:30
30Team Aussie Old Boys: Pete Williams, Lee HawleyM 50-59 OC1Pueo26:03:52
31Team No Team Name Yet: Leighton Kapana/Kevin Pilbrow, John Horner/Alfred HornerM 50-59 OC1 (4)Pueo 216:06:22
32Team Da kine: Peter Roney, Bruce Lucas Gio CamusoM 60+ OC1-16:07:40
33Team Kai Waa Wahines: Jane McKee, Alana Goo-FrazierF 18-39 OC1Ares Pro26:07:44
34Team Kaha 'ale: Kaulu Luuwai, Makana Darval-ChangMix OC1Pueo16:07:48
35Keoni Watson, Neal HafnerM 18-39 OC1Ares1196:08:47
36Team Esquivel: Monica Esquivel, Kenny EsquivelMix OC1Pueo X26:10:37
37Team The Misfits: Joey Foti/Liz Bills, Ingrid Seiple/Michelle Campillo-PetersF OC2Gemini16:14:28
38Team Ebony and ivory: Noel Tadeo, Lance BroussardM 18-39 OC1Pueo 2206:15:10
39Team Kamella Boozah: Anella Borges, Kamalu SouzaMix OC1Ares36:15:16
40Teamnocandecidebetterh: Arlene Holzman, Lori NakamuraF 18-39 OC1Ehukai36:18:17
41Dylan Farias, Christian WhittakerM 18-39 OC1Pueo216:20:27
42Team Da Big Hawaiians: Joe Kanana/Pat Aweau/Daryl Ah MauM 50-59 OC1 (3)Pueo 216:21:03
43Team Ghostbustahs: Aulani Hall, Max DieckmannMix OC1Pueo46:22:10
44Team Koka Hunters: Serena Hunter, Conrad HunterMix Mast OC1Ares16:22:33
45Team Team HH: Hideyuki Sakurai, Hideharu YoshikawaM 40-49 OC1Pueo 256:23:10
46Team Joy Ride: Alexia Lopez, Ed JoyMix Mast OC1PueoX26:23:16
47Team Punalau: Brian Amantiad, Kahanu AmantiadMix F Jr-Ad OC1Ares16:23:22
48Team First Timahs: George F Smith IV, Rachel KanetaMix OC1Kahele56:26:24
49Team Kai Makana: Donna Kahakui/Kaya Lee, Carolyn Seto Mook, Shein Lu StokesbaryF OC2Tempest26:28:09
50Team Wailea Canoe Club Japan: Yuta Fujimura, Yuka MillerMix OC1Ehukai66:29:50
51Team Bondi: Jason Juma-Ross, James MunzoneM 40-49 OC1Pueo66:31:50
52Team RHKYC Renegades: Jeremy Young, John McLennanM 50-59 OC1Pueo36:34:07
53Team Aussie Chicks from QLD: Hope Grunfeld, Robyn SaultryF 18-39 OC1Pueo 246:34:12
54Team Rocketmen: Brian Kon/Alvin Kahoonei/Rodney BayneM 50-59 OC1 (3)Pueo26:35:29
55Team Hong Kong Hawaii: Erin Juhl, Anna MathesinF 40-49 OC1Pueo16:37:50
56Team Ali'i Maui Outrigger: Cynthia Conrad, Kapena BugarinMix OC1Pueo76:38:13
57Team CrossSUP Va'a: Christian Cook/Katelyn Grady, Anna Kuhlow/Will RichMix OC2Allwave96:38:32
58Team Mama: Nicole Peterson/Mahealani Botelho/Lauren SpaldingF 40-49 OC1 (3)Ehukai16:41:29
59Team 3 Savvy's and a Red: Lisa Spain/Lisa Ellis, Annette Booth/Linda DavisF OC2Tempest36:41:34
60Team Kuakahi: Cliff Tillotson, David HafefeM 60+ OC1Pueo26:44:44
61Team Hoomau: Ruthie Cockett/Sienna Frias, Nakoa Gumpac-McGuir/Christian HemmingsMix Jr-Ad OC2Tempest16:48:22
62Team McFine: Mike Fine, Kevin McCallumM 40-49 OC1Pueo 276:57:20
63Team Kahaluu: Tyler German/Wayne German/Kala'i MillerM 18-39 OC1 (3)-16:59:27
64Team Madsea: Michael Seay, Jenny MaddenMix Mast OC1Pueo37:12:13
65Team Grumpy Guys: Kip Mizushima, Kelvin EspirituM 40-49 OC1Pueo X87:14:20
66Team Mermaid Warriors: Leah Miller/Gabrielle Sham/Nicole PiskorskiF 18-39 OC1 (3)Pueo 218:05:54

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