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Kan-u Hack-it - 1500 M. Sprint Race Results - March 4 2018

Hosted by: Fairway Gorge Paddling Club

Mixed Heat 1
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Men7:22.24
2VCKC Marathon Mixed 28:16.39
3Xisul S_Thuy'elh 18:37.96
Mixed Heat 2
1FGPC Outrigger Mixed7:45.87
2Xisul S_Thuy'elh 28:29.49
3FGPC OCDB II8:45.66
Mixed Heat 3
1VCKC Marathon Men7:30.51
2FGPC IM Hakkin' It8:38.16
3FGPC IM Bringin' It8:50.67
Mixed Heat 4
1VIP Whatever7:36.76
2FCRCC Dreadnought I8:07.26
3FGPC Huligans 18:59.74
Mixed Heat 5
1FCRCC Yeah Man!7:57.98
2Goons with Spoons8:41.04
3FGPC Huligans 28:44.72
Mixed Heat 6
1VCKC Marathon Mixed7:44.52
2FGPC OCDB I8:21.60
3Fort Langley Golden Masters9:38.41
Mixed Heat 7
1FCRCC Dreadnought III7:47.35
2FCRCC Dreadnought Goes to Yukon7:47.99
3FCRCC Dreadnought II7:51.58
Mixed Semi Final 1
1FGPC OCDB II8:39.19
2FGPC IM Hakkin' It8:42.56
3Fort Langley Golden Masters9:46.17
Mixed Semi Final 2
1FCRCC Dreadnought I8:05.95
2FGPC Huligans 28:55.25
3FGPC Huligans 19:05.53
Mixed Semi Final 3
1FCRCC Yeah Man!7:51.16
2Goons with Spoons8:47.19
3FGPC IM Bringin' It8:47.24
Mixed Semi Final 4
1FCRCC Dreadnought II8:08.84
2FGPC OCDB I8:11.89
3Xisul S_Tsey'elh 18:48.41
Mixed Semi Final 5
1VIP Whatever7:36.47
2VCKC Marathon Mixed 28:24.03
3Xisul S_Thuy'elh 28:27.82
Mixed Semi Final 6
1VCKC Marathon Men7:29.80
2FGPC Gorge Outrigger Mixed7:41.25
3FCRCC Dreadnought goes to Yukon7:56.91
Mixed Semi Final 7
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Men7:08.24
2VCKC Marathon Mixed7:37.92
3FCRCC Dreadnought III7:43.25
Women's Heat 1
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Women8:08.98
2Just Huts, No Hos8:28.82
3FGPC IM Diggin' It8:57.08
Women's Heat 2
1Tahiti 50s Women8:15.18
2VCKC Marathon Women8:42.43
3Powell River Golden9:43.89
Women's Semi Final 1
1VCKC Marathon Women8:30.89
2Tahiti 50s Women8:30.95
Women's Semi Final 2
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Women7:49.24
2Just Huts, No Hos7:52.36
3FGPC IM Diggin' It8:46.26
MIXED Final C Consolation
1FGPC Huligans 28:33.72
2FGPC Huligans 18:34.69
3Fort Langley Golden Masters9:28.21
1Xisul S_Thuy'elh 18:19.68
2FGPC IM Bringin' It8:30.07
3Goons with Spoons8:31.79
MIXED Final B Consolation
1Xisul S_Thuy'elh 28:03.08
2FGPC IM Hakkin' It8:24.80
3FGPC OCDB II9:19.55
1FCRCC Dreadnought I7:45.96
2FGPC OCDB I7:49.81
3VCKC Marathon Mixed 28:25.95
MIXED Final A Consolation
1FCRCC Dreadnought goes to Yukon7:30.41
2FCRCC Dreadnought II7:30.84
3FCRCC Dreadnought I7:50.11
1VIP Whatever7:14.50
2FGPC Gorge Outrigger Mixed7:31.05
3VCKC Marathon Mixed7:32.48
MEN'S Final
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Men6:53.10
2FCRCC Yeah Man!7:04.94
3VCKC Marathon Men7:16.32
1FGPC IM Diggin' It8:29.58
2VCKC Marathon Women8:44.36
1FGPC Gorge Outrigger Women7:53.31
2Just Huts, No Hos7:57.39
3Tahiti 50s Women8:16.17

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