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Wavechaser Series - Race 4 - May 24, 2018
Long Course: Technically Speaking - 6 km with 9 buoy turns
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Shane MartinHPK MMale27:41.6
2Brian Page/Trista BilmerHPK2 MixedFemale/Male27:47.3
3Chris DobrovolnyHPK MMale28:36.9
4Peter Gumplinger/Silke GumplingerHPK2 MMale29:08.5
5Rob MagusOC1 MMale29:25.9
6Laci BujdosOC1 MMale29:26.3
7David WongOC1 MMale30:41.6
8Peter CurtainHPK MMale30:43.5
9Bob StewartOC1 MMale31:37.6
10Kevin HarrisHPK MMale31:53.0
11Rick ChritchlowOC1 MMale32:27.5
12Jamie StirlingHPK MMale32:36.6
13David MorrisHPK MMale32:39.5
14Gabe SomjenOC1 MMale32:54.1
15Paul KendallOC1 MMale33:31.8
16Clay RonaghanHPK MMale34:43.7
17Edward / Charlotte SernoskiOC2 MixedFemale/Male35:49.2
18Michael Stephen / Kevin SpenceHPK2 MMale36:52.3
19Jason BigginOC1 MMale37:15.5
20Robin CoopeSUP 14' MMale42:51.9
21Klara SchwabSUP 12' 6" FFemale43:03.8
22Hong ChinSUP 12' 6" MMale51:05.4
Short Course: Technically Speaking - 3km with 4 buoy turns
Overall Paddler(s) Division Div. Place Time
1Carolyn GirardHPK FFemale17:51.7
2Terry MatthewsSUP 14' MMale22:49.4
3Joanne ChengSUP 12' 6" FFemale24:08.0
4Jenn MasonSK FFemale24:58.6

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