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Seventy48 2021
June 21, 2021 ~ 70 miles in 48 hours (or less)
PlaceTeamVessel TypeVessel Div. PlaceFinish TimeHours/Minutes
1Gorge Downwind Champs - Vortexkayak16/5/2021 4:54am9 Hrs 54 Min
2Wave Foragerrowboat16/5/2021 5:20am10 Hrs 20 Min
3Dadkayak26/5/2021 6:19am11 Hrs 19 Min
4Ono Grindsoutrigger16/5/2021 6:47am11 Hrs 47 Min
5Pedal Peopleoutrigger26/5/2021 7:51am12 Hrs 51 Min
6Paddle Zoooutrigger36/5/2021 8:13am13 Hrs 13 Min
7KayakPhDkayak36/5/2021 8:30am13 Hrs 30 Min
8Tamatoa NWoutrigger 616/5/2021 8:40am13 Hrs 40 Min
9Fifteen53kayak46/5/2021 9:16am14 Hrs 16 Min
10Rodsterrowboat16/5/2021 9:18am14 Hrs 18 Min
11Hapalongoutrigger46/5/2021 9:18am14 Hrs 18 Min
12Stray Catkayak56/5/2021 9:32am14 Hrs 32 Min
13PCHS Yacht Cluboutrigger56/5/2021 10:02am15 Hrs 2 Min
14Mustang Survival's Team Ocean WatchSUP16/5/2021 10:26am15 Hrs 26 Min
15Jules Gismondikayak66/5/2021 10:34am15 Hrs 34 Min
16Just Ernieoutrigger66/5/2021 11:11am16 Hrs 11 Min
17Working Titleoutrigger76/5/2021 11:12am16 Hrs 12 Min
18Swansonoutrigger86/5/2021 11:33am16 Hrs 33 Min
19Solo Selkiekayak76/5/2021 3:45pm21 Hrs 45 Min
20Gallagher Big Canoeoutrigger96/5/2021 4:43pm22 Hrs 43 Min
21Valhallarowboat26/5/2021 5:12pm23 Hrs 12 Min
22SF Sea LionSUP26/5/2021 5:23pm23 Hrs 23 Min
23Dumas Bay Brethrenkayak86/5/2021 5:27pm23 Hrs 27 Min
24Clear PassageSUP36/5/2021 5:52pm23 Hrs 52 Min
25Good Lifekayak96/5/2021 6:58pm23 Hrs 58 Min
26Return of the Tiger Bellykayak106/5/2021 7:53pm24 Hrs 53 Min
27500 Paddleskayak116/5/2021 9:02pm26 Hrs 2 Min
28Forty-seven48rowboat36/5/2021 9:40pm26 Hrs 40 Min
29Yellow Caprowboat46/5/2021 9:41pm26 Hrs 41 Min
30Tardigraderowboat56/6/2021 12:33am29 Hrs 33 Min
31Phyllopteryxrowboat66/6/2021 12:34am29 Hrs 34 Min
32Bogus Journeykayak126/6/2021 12:34am29 Hrs 34 Min
33PWS Sea Otterkayak136/6/2021 12:36am29 Hrs 36 Min
34Duderowboat76/6/2021 12:36am29 Hrs 36 Min
35JADEAoutrigger106/6/2021 12:44am29 Hrs 44 Min
36AKA - Old Solo Miorowboat86/6/2021 2:21am31 Hrs 21 Min
37Yellow Kayakkayak146/6/2021 5:16am34 Hrs 16 Min
37Kayak Orangekayak156/6/2021 5:16am34 Hrs 16 Min
39Thank you Blake Hansenkayak166/6/2021 7:41am36 Hrs 41 Min
40Mom Knows Everythingrowboat96/6/2021 11:30am40 Hrs 30 Min
41SEASTRSUP46/6/2021 2:37pm43 Hrs 37 Min
42Haggis Headkayak176/6/2021 2:39pm43 Hrs 39 Min
43S E A S T R SUP56/6/2021 2:46pm43 Hrs 46 Min
DNFAqua Vitae----
DNFArm and Leg----
DNFDouble Trouble----
DNFSea Squatch----
DNFStatic Fire----
DNFSwedish American Yacht Club----
DNFOld Gull----
DNFAdkins Brothers----
DNFWhere's My Hat?----
DNFTim and Tide....----
DNFWhy Knot----
DNFChicken Dinner----
DNFCape Decision Lighthouse----
DNFSo-Low 2----
DNFShe and ah----
DNFWild Card Part Duex----
DNFWooden It Be Nice----
DNFWater Always Wins----
DNFJersey Strong----
DNFPerfect From Now On----
DNFUSDB Yatch Club----
DNFIllusive Ginger Bear----
DNFPtak Attack----
DNF6 Grandkids----
DNFType 2 Fun----
DNFGet Kraken----
DNFCovid Project----
DNFCherry Ghost----
DNFSolo 2 the Ground----
DNFRogue Kayaker----
DNFGood News: I Saw a Seal!----
DNFPaddle On... Paddle On----
DNFBack 2 R Alaska----
DNSAqua Oarotic----
DNSBad Rabbit----
DNSBerger No Fries----
DNSFly by Night----

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