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CORA Spring Series 2021 - Race 2 - Virtual
May 16, 2021 ~ Race hosted by: Fraser Valley Paddling Club and Penticton Racing Canoe Club
Short Course - 5.3 KM., Long Course - 12 KM.
Short CoursePaddler(s)ClubDivisionConditionsDiv. PlaceTime
1Larry BraulVernon Paddling ClubMale OC1 Masters 60+Lake132:06:00
2Julie KippenLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 50+Ocean133:55:00
3Paul AgateFairway GorgeMale OC1 Masters 70+Ocean134:24:00
4Yvonne SharpeFairway GorgeFemale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean134:56:00
5John ThomasFairway GorgeMale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean235:02:00
6Pamela Watts CornellFalse Creek Racing Canoe ClubFemale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean235:31:00
7Cindy WrightLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 50+Ocean235:56:00
8Elizabeth LeeLatitude 48Female OC1 OpenOcean136:15:00
9Megan CarsonFairway GorgeFemale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean336:37:00
10Joanne CapeFairway GorgeFemale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean437:47:00
11Sharon BuckinghamLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 50+Ocean438:29:00
12Gwenda BryanLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 50+Ocean538:37:00
13Manfred and Tammy HartmannGibsons Paddling ClubMixed OC2 Masters 60+Ocean139:18:00
14Gregg MeiklejohnFairway GorgeMale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean339:52:00
Long CoursePaddler(s)ClubDivisionConditionsDiv. PlaceTime
1Bob WoodmanVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 50+Lake11:03:57
2Glenn BondVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 40+Lake11:04:14
3Marcus BoyleVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 50+Lake21:04:30
4Mark Brule / Catherine SmythUnaffiliatedMixed OC2 Masters 50+River11:04:04
5Pascal Pitre / Erika TarOttawa Dragonboat ClubMixed OC2 OpenRiver11:06:28
6Carmen Varnel / Rob VarnelPacific ReachMixed OC2 Masters 60+Ocean11:07:38
7Melissa MacDonald / Gord PennVernon Paddling CentreMixed OC2 Masters 60+Lake21:08:34
8Kelvin HumenyUnaffiliatedMale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean31:09:15
9James HillLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 40+Ocean21:10:24
10Gord PennVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 60+Lake11:10:24
11Rob VarnelPacific ReachMale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean21:11:24
12Kim DolezsarVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 60+Lake31:11:41
13Ken ZhangLatitude 48Male Surfski Novice OpenOcean11:11:56
14Larry BraulVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Masters 60+Lake41:12:24
15Doug ThomasPacific ReachMale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean51:12:42
16Murray FlockVernon Paddling CentreMale OC1 Novice Masters 60+Lake11:14:54
17Ken ZhangLatitude 48Male OC1 OpenOcean11:14:59
18Rupert WongComox Valley Racing Canoe ClubMale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean41:15:09
19Catherine HagenComox Valley Racing Canoe ClubFemale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean11:16:15
20Jackie BellComox Valley Racing Canoe ClubFemale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean11:17:47
21Richard MaasLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 60+Ocean61:17:56
22Sarah DoghertyLatitude 48Female OC1 Novice OpenOcean11:18:00
23Gerg BodinLotus Sports ClubMale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean51:18:45
24Chris CantwellLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 70+Ocean11:18:45
25Steve PitherLotus Sports ClubMale OC1 Masters 60+Ocean71:19:00
26Jeffrey SpearLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 60+Ocean81:20:48
27Bruce HiebertLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 50+Ocean61:20:53
28Ian McCrackenLatitude 48Male OC1 Masters 60+Ocean91:21:02
29Carol SpearLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 50+Ocean21:21:24
30Carole FullertonJericho Paddling ClubFemale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean31:22:01
31Rose Mary NeillLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 70+Ocean11:24:13
32Gail StroudLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 60+Ocean21:24:23
33Ann MohsFort Langley Canoe ClubFemale V1 Masters 70+Lake11:24:33
34Barb McCollLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 70+Ocean21:25:19
35Claudia IwanowskyLatitude 48Female OC1 Masters 60+Ocean31:25:20
36Tara LooLotus Sports ClubFemale OC1 Masters 50+Ocean41:27:07
37Erika YaremkoLotus Sports ClubFemale OC1 Masters 40+Ocean11:27:07
38Caroline ProulxOttawa Dragonboat ClubFemale OC1 Novice Masters 40+River11:29:09
39Mollie-Anne MikitaLotus Sports ClubFemale OC1 Novice OpenOcean21:31:07
40Susan EickFraser Valley Paddling ClubFemale OC1 Novice Masters 50+Lake11:36:49
41Petra SchultheissLatitude 48Female OC1 Novice Masters 60+Ocean12:02:22

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