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2022 Duel in the Desert - Race Results
May 7 and 8, 2022 ~ Race hosted by: Penticton Racing Canoe Club
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1PRCC MixedSpec Open148:43
2PRCC KISU Junior +Spec Open250:06
3PRCC Too Many BugsSpec Junior156:54
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1FCRCC WMO OpenUnlimited - Women OPEN11:24:48
2Latitude 48Unlimited - Women OPEN21:25:47
3Latitude 48 60+ WomenUnlimited - Women Masters 60+11:32:57
4Calgary 60s is the new 40sUnlimited - Women Masters +4011:34:02
5Vernon LadiesUnlimited - Women Masters 40+21:38:43
MEN / OPEN MIXED LONG COURSE (approx. 16 km.)
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1FCRCCUnlimited Men OPEN11:11:39
2Latitude 48Unlimited Men OPEN21:12:48
3Calgary Ice MenUnlimited Men Masters 60+11:15:25
4Pacific ReachUnlimited Men OPEN31:16:31
5Vernon Kupuna KaneUnlimited Men Masters 60+21:16:39
6Latitude 48 60+Unlimited Men Masters 60+31:20:58
7AA Aged Alberta BeefSpec Men OPEN11:21:09
8Calgary MixedMixed OPEN11:22:28
9Wailua MensSpec Men Masters 40+11:23:17
10FCRCC RD TanifaSpec Men OPEN11:40:39
2022 Duel in the Desert - Smallboat Results
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Scott Borle and Kendra KentMixed OC2 Open148:54
2Jeremie BennettMen's Surfski Open150:58
3Rob MagusMen's V1 Master's 40+151:18
4Stu Rahkola and Matt PinsenaultMen's OC2 Open152:23
5James HillMen's V1 Master's 40+252:24
6Lynda Roberts and Jon AmundsenMixed OC2 Masters 50+152:30
7Thyra CarrollWomen's Surfski Open152:48
8Don MulhallMen's Surfski Master's 60+152:50
9Vincent FecteauMen's Surfski Master's 50+154:03
10Sam SiuMen's OC1 Open154:23
11Rob VarnelMen's OC1 Master's 60+154:34
12Pete MethotMen's OC1 Master's 60+254:44
13Darren GrantMen's V1 Master's 40+355:04
14Doug ThomasMen's OC1 Master's 50+155:09
15Melanie ConardWomen's OC1 Master's 40+155:14
16Leeanne StanleyWomen's V1 Master's 40+155:59
17Tom MacKayMen's OC1 Master's 60+357:04
18Hugh CulverMen's OC1 Master's 60+457:05
19Richard MaasMen's OC1 Master's 60+557:23
20Keith WagnerMen's OC1 Master's 60+657:51
21Ken AngMen's V1 Master's 40+458:04
22John RobertsMen's V1 Master's 50+158:13
23Brad WakemanMen's OC1 Master's 50+258:47
24Bruce HiebertMen's OC1 Master's 50+358:53
25Carol SpearWomen's OC1 Master's 60+11:00:16
26Christine O'Neil and Tracey MacNeilWomen's OC2 Masters 40+11:00:30
27Rick PapineauMen's OC1 Master's 40+11:00:49
28Stacy WuWomen's OC1 Open11:01:23
29Jeff SpearMen's OC1 Master's 60+71:01:42
30Ann MohsWomen's V1 Master's 70+11:03:00
31Carrie LeungWomen's OC1 Master's 50+11:03:59
32Barb McCollWomen's OC1 Master's 70+11:04:09
33John RodgersMen's OC1 Master's 60+81:06:09
34Tracy QuonWomen's OC1 Master's 50+21:09:05
35Wayne StillMen's OC1 Master's 70+11:11:07

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