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The Gorge OC6 2022 Race Results - July 9, 2022
Hosted by: Waterwalker
Women - Mixed RaceTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Kendra and the Motley CrewUnlimited - Mixed Open11:46:30.0
2False Creek Hardy Bus ChickensUnlimited - Mixed Open21:48:22.3
3NAC4LifeUnlimited - Mixed Open31:50:04.6
4BBOP KaiminaluUnlimited - Mixed Masters11:52:00.7
5Keauhou Canoe ClubUnlimited - Women Open11:52:17.7
6Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe Club WahineUnlimited - Women Open21:53:02.0
7FCRCC WMO Master MixedUnlimited - Mixed Masters21:54:01.8
8O Kalani Outrigger CoedUnlimited - Mixed Open41:56:37.3
9HROCC Makua MixedUnlimited - Mixed Senior Masters11:57:39.3
10O Kalani WavechaserettesUnlimited - Women Open31:58:21.7
11Sand Point Women 1Unlimited - Women Open41:58:57.9
12The Golden Gorge GirlsUnlimited - Women Golden Masters12:00:06.7
13Comox Wahine MachinesUnlimited - Women Open52:00:15.6
14FCRCC WMO Senior Master WomenUnlimited - Women Senior Masters12:00:23.7
15SOCC WahineUnlimited - Women Open62:03:06.0
16HROCC Kahawai Koa River WarriorsUnlimited - Mixed Open52:04:10.2
17HROCC HoodwinkedUnlimited - Women Senior Masters22:04:39.3
18FCRCC WMO Open MixedUnlimited - Mixed Open62:06:04.7
19BBOP ManahauUnlimited - Mixed Open72:07:05.9
20MHCC - Marti's MixersUnlimited - Mixed Open82:08:21.4
21SOCC Mixed NutsSpec - Mixed Open12:10:23.0
22PNWahinesUnlimited - Women Senior Masters32:10:52.0
23FCRCC WMO Open WomenSpec - Women Opem12:11:25.1
24Kai Wai Mix HammasUnlimited - Mixed Open92:14:47.2
25Kikaha WomenUnlimited - Women Open72:18:40.3
26Kikaha MixedUnlimited - Mixed Masters32:19:17.7
27Bend Outrigger - BOO CrewSpec - Mixed Open22:23:44.1
28Sand Point Women 2Unlimited - Women Open82:24:23.1
29Mountain Home WahinesSpec - Women Opem22:33:59.3
Men's RaceTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1O Kalani Outrigger MenUnlimited - Men Open11:17:03.0
2Sand Point Men 2Unlimited - Men Open21:20:47.2
3Island Brave 1Unlimited - Men Open31:22:20.8
4Kikaha NorthWestUnlimited - Men Masters11:23:23.1
5O Kalani Outrigger Men 2Unlimited - Men Open41:23:37.8
6Comox Valley Canoe Racing Club MastersUnlimited - Men Masters21:25:41.2
7SOCC KaneUnlimited - Men Open51:25:55.3
8FCRCC Prime Primo PremierUnlimited - Men Open61:26:01.6
9Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited - Men Open71:26:09.8
10Whatcom PaddlersUnlimited - Men Masters31:26:19.7
11HROCC Koa Kupuna MenUnlimited - Men Kupuna11:26:25.9
12FCRCC WMO Senior Master MenUnlimited - Men Senior Masters11:27:02.7
13Kai Wai Brown BangersUnlimited - Men Open81:27:03.7
14PDX Pineapple HeadsUnlimited - Men Open91:27:59.2
15Island Brave 2Unlimited - Men Open101:29:06.9
16Sand Point Men 1Unlimited - Men Open111:29:25.7
17Florida Paddling Hui (FPHUnlimited - Men Masters41:30:02.6
18Mountain Home Canoe ClubUnlimited - Men Masters51:31:39.8
19FCRCC WMO Open MenUnlimited - Men Open121:32:08.9
20Team Kikaha Kupuna MastersUnlimited - Men Kupuna21:39:58.5
21Sand Point Men 3Unlimited - Men Open131:40:14.7
-NAC Bachelor NationUnlimited - Men Open-DNS

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