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FGPC Kan U Hakit
March 6, 2022 ~ Race hosted by: Fairway Gorge Paddling Club
Mixed Race 1TeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1DZ Barge Chilling Boat118:14
2NOPC Mixed - SM218:16
3FGPC Performance Mixed318:58
4DZ Usain Boat329:03
5Wolf Pack129:07
6FGPC Intermediate Mixed 1229:18
7DZ Barge and In Charge419:22
8FGPC Huligans A - M239:29
9FGPC Intermediate Mixed 2429:30
10SLCC Klehkoot Outriggers - SM1310:02
11NOPC Crossna 2 - GM3310:52
Mixed SemiTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1DZ Barge Chilling Boat1018:26
2NOPC Mixed - SM1118:28
3FGPC Performance Mixed1218:51
4DZ Usain Boat1318:56
5FGPC Intermediate Mixed 11229:16
6Wolf Pack1329:22
7FGPC Intermediate Mixed 21029:47
8DZ Barge and In Charge1129:47
9FGPC Huligans A - M10310:06
10SLCC Klehkoot Outriggers - SM11310:19
11NOPC Crossna 2 - GM12310:37
Mixed FinalTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1DZ Barge Chilling BoatA18:07
2NOPC Mixed - SMA28:11
3Wolf PackB18:40
4DZ Usain BoatB28:41
5FGPC Performance MixedA38:44
6FGPC Intermediate Mixed 1B38:50
7DZ Barge and In ChargeC19:02
8FGPC Intermediate Mixed 2C29:19
9FGPC Huligans A - MC39:29
10SLCC Klehkoot Outriggers - SMD19:59
11NOPC Crossna 2 - GMD210:12
MEN Race 1TeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Men - SM517:58
2DZ Boatatoes527:59
3Salish Sea Barnacles - KP538:22
4L48 Kraken - SM618:38
5DZ brOC6628:55
MEN SemiTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Men - SM1417:52
2DZ Boatatoes1518:00
3Salish Sea Barnacles - KP1528:26
4L48 Kraken - SM1428:30
5DZ brOC61438:38
MEN FinalTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Men - SMA17:38
2L48 Kraken - SMB18:10
3Salish Sea Barnacles - KPA28:16
4DZ BoatatoesA38:33
5DZ brOC6B28:45
WOMEN Race 1TeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Women A719:23
2FGPC Performance Women B919:31
3DZ Suez Canoe819:43
4NOPC Just 4 Kicks - SM729:44
5FGPC Intermediate Women9210:11
6FCRCC Canoe Believe It? - KP8210:13
7Salish Sea Women - SM8310:24
8FLCC Fraser River Sprinters - GM7310:32
WOMEN SemiTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Women A1618:53
2FGPC Performance Women B1719:04
3NOPC Just 4 Kicks - SM1819:11
4DZ Suez Canoe1829:28
5FLCC Fraser River Sprinters - GM1729:45
6FGPC Intermediate Women1739:49
7FCRCC Canoe Believe It? - KP1629:54
8Salish Sea Women - SM1639:57
WOMEN FinalTeamHeatHeat PlaceTime
1FGPC Performance Women AA18:37
2NOPC Just 4 Kicks - SMA28:58
3FGPC Performance Women BA39:04
4DZ Suez CanoeB19:19
5FCRCC Canoe Believe It? - KPB29:34
6FLCC Fraser River Sprinters - GMC19:42
7FGPC Intermediate WomenB39:48
8Salish Sea Women - SMC29:51

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