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Jericho Iron Classic Small Boats - May 27, 2012
Paddlers toughed it out on a flat day and on the lowest tide of the year. Had to stay north of the dolphins on this race as there was NO water to the south.....
Note: SUPs raced 8km., everyone else 10 km.
~ Saturday's OC6 Race Results ~
OverallPaddler(s)DivisonDiv. PlaceTime
1Gary ParsonsSUP 14ft Open Men148:24
2David JianuSUP 15ft Open Men248:29
3Shane MartinSurfski-1 Open Men148:43
4Shannon BellSUP 14ft Open Women148:58
5Rob HansenSurfski-1 Senior Masters Men149:22
6Denis BelkinSurfski-1 Open Men349:44
7Mike FitzmauriceSurfski-1 Senior Masters Men250:52
8Bob Putnam / Seth PutnamSurfski-2 Open Men150:59
9Warren BruceSurfski-1 Senior Masters Men351:19
10Tim Jollimore/Phil GorsuchOC2 Open Men151:49
11Rob Monterio/Jamie AffonsiOC2 Open Men251:54
12Pake NuiOC1 Masters Men151:57
13Laci BujdosOC1 Open Men152:10
14Daryl RemmlerSurfski-1 Senior Masters Men452:33
15Norman TanSurfski-1 Open Men453:22
16Don IrvineOC1 Senior Masters Men154:57
17Scott SchroederOC1 Masters Men255:18
18Cameron FitzmauriceSurfski-1 Junior Men156:20
19Bob StewartOC1 Golden Masters Men156:26
20Brad MorrisonOC1 Senior Masters Men256:47
21Peter AlfredSUP 14ft Open Men356:49
22Cam FagrieOC1 Senior Masters Men357:05
23Don MulhallOC1 Senior Masters Men457:33
24Abraham AsartOC1 Masters Men357:35
25Doug ThomasOC1 Masters Men458:35
26Carrie Leung/Winnie WongOC2 Masters Women159:12
27Ken AsanoOC1 Masters Men559:19
28Tony VukasovicOC1 Junior Men159:20
29Ross CreasySUP 14ft Senior Masters Men11:00:11
30Pete ForandOC1 Golden Masters Men21:00:18
31Rob BorsoffOC1 Golden Masters Men31:00:20
32Gabe SomjenOC1 Golden Masters Men41:01:02
33Lori VelisekOC1 Masters Women11:01:09
34Matt InsleyOC1 Open Men21:01:35
35Frank FarahOC1 Golden Masters Men51:01:36
36Chris PerleyOC1 Senior Masters Men51:01:56
37Margaret MacDonald/Barb AlleyOC2 Senior Masters Women11:02:38
38Radik GensOC1 Golden Masters Men61:02:55
39Bruce HiebertOC1 Masters Men61:03:06
40Mike JordanOC1 Golden Masters Men71:03:21
41Jackie BellOC1 Senior Masters Women11:03:34
42Ronald ChinOC1 Masters Men71:03:44
43Ken WarkentyneOC1 Senior Masters Men61:05:04
44Jeff NguyenOC1 Novice Men11:05:47
45Estelle MathesonOC1 Masters Women21:05:57
46Bernard SisonOC1 Junior Men21:06:20
47Jonathan WilkiinsOC1 Senior Masters Men71:08:53
48Angeline Zak / Maleska YoungOC2 Open Women11:08:56

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