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2019 Fort Langley Fall River Run Results - October 26, 2019
hosted by Fort Langley Canoe Club
Overall Team Division Div. Place Time
1Rob MagusV1 Men Masters 40+11:01:23
2Lorrie Stewart and Mike BernemannOC2 Mixed Masters 50+11:02:48
3Don Mulhall and Diane MatthewsOC2 Mixed Masters 50+21:03:18
4Stuart Seeley and Thyra CarrollOC2 Mixed Open11:03:44
5Scott BorleV1 Men Masters 50+11:05:28
6Kendra KentOC1 Women Open11:08:57
7Ian BoldenOC1 Men Masters 50+11:09:00
8Doug ThomasOC1 Men Masters 50+21:09:32
9Samuel SiuOC1 Men Open11:10:21
10Paul KendallOC1 Men Masters 50+31:10:52
11Reza SoltaniOC1 Men Masters 50+41:11:21
12Bill Leboe and Patti LeboeOC2 Mixed Masters 60+11:11:56
13Doug KazakoffOC1 Men Masters 70+11:12:25
13AJim WilsonOC1 Men Masters 60+11:12:25
14Jade SolomonOC1 Men Novice11:12:55
15Denise O'DonnellOC1 Women Open21:13:53
16Julie Hollis and Debbie ManningOC2 Women Masters 50+11:15:00
17Bruce DavidsonOC1 Men Masters 60+21:17:26
18Dave LongmanOC1 Men Masters 60+31:17:40
19Ann MohsOC1 Women Masters 70+11:18:59
20Pam Watts CornallOC1 Women Masters 60+11:19:38
21Penny SeeleyOC1 Women Masters 60+21:19:41
22Sue HillierOC1 Women Masters 60+31:21:57
23Joan TaylorOC1 Women Masters 50+11:23:12
24Alison WilkinsOC1 Women Masters 60+41:30:20
25Mare CoxOC1 Women Masters 60+51:33:36
26Mitra MaharajOC1 Men Novice21:38:58

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