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Practice Schedule: Members are welcome to join OC-6 (6-man canoe) practices. Standard practice times are:
Saturday: 8:30am or 9:00am, Monday and Wednesday: 6:00 or 6:30 pm
OC6 crews may be mixed or gender specific. Practice times may vary depending on the time of year, so please ask for details.

Questions? Care to try us out? Please email Jericho Info.

Winter paddling: There are 4 LED lights in the boat shed that attach to the amas. Please use them! We now have lights in the compound, making getting those locks undone much easier.

Small boat paddling - don't paddle alone! Wear a PFD. Have a light or two or three on you. Let someone know when you are going out and your expected return time.

What to wear: Dress in comfortable layers. Fleece and polypropylene are good fabric choices, please do not wear cotton! On rainy or misty days a waterproof shell is advisable, and even on clear days some splashing is unavoidable so you may want to bring one. Your feet are likely get at least a little wet. In summer, flip-flops will do. In cooler weather, neoprene booties make for a comfortable outing, wool socks with Tevas work too. A mesh paddling baseball-type hat will keep the sun off in summer and a hat of some form will keep the heat in during cooler months. Once you've been paddling for 10 or so minutes you will probably want to shed a layer, and a small dry bag will give you a good place to put it. Always be sure to bring a change of clothes to keep in your car or the locker so you can stay warm once you hit the beach. We have shower facilities!

Paddling Distances:

Royal Van Yacht Club to Jericho Pier.5 km.
Jericho Pier to 1st marker (the old 2nd marker)3 km.
1st marker (old 2nd marker) to 2nd marker (old 3rd marker)1.6 km.
2nd marker (old 3rd marker) to Red Bell Can1.6 km.
Red Bell Can to Yellow Bell Can4.3 km.
Jericho Pier around Passage Island and back23 km.
Jericho Pier to red marker near Vanier Park4.5 km.
Red marker near Vanier Park to Green marker.5 km.
Green marker to 1st marker (old 2nd marker)5.5 km.
1st marker (old 2nd marker) back to Jericho Pier2.5 km.

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