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2015 March Madness Race Results
Hosted by FCRCC
96 crews in 10 races and another terrible day for weather (cold, windy and wet, wet!) but a good day at the races, sprinting around the 5 km. course...
Heat Team Club Division Div. Place Time
16FCRCC Premier MenFCRCCOpen Men123:47
23Jericho 3JerichoMasters Men123:48
33Pacific Reach MastersPacific Reach Paddling ClubMasters Men223:56
45Lotus Youth MenLotus Sports ClubOpen Men224:00:00
53Skinny Fish Men's ADragon ZoneOpen Men324:12:00
63One WestDragon ZoneOpen Men424:18:00
73Black Sheep SquadronSudden ImpactMasters Men324:44:00
83Kelowna MenKelownaMasters Men425:16:00
95PR Men OpenPacific Reach Paddling ClubOpen Men525:18:00
105Skinny Fish Men's BDragon ZoneNovice Men125:26:00
113E Holomua MenFCRCCOpen Men625:48:00
125Kupuna KaneFCRCCGolden Masters Men126:28:00
133VOS Men 1Vancouver Ocean SportsOpen Men726:39:00
146FLCC Rio FraserFLCCGolden Masters Men126:44:00
153SI Marvel MenSudden ImpactOpen Men826:49:00
166Huligans 3FCRCCGolden Masters Men226:58:00
176Shakabuku - TCCDragon ZoneNovice Men227:06:00
183Moist II MenDragon ZoneOpen Men928:18:00
196Ouroboros DiamondDragon ZoneJunior Novice Men129:48:00
Heat Team Club Division Div. Place Time
11FCRCC Distance Women 1FCRCCOpen Women125:52:00
25False Creek Master WomenFCRCCMasters Women125:53:00
35Kelowna WomenKelowna Paddle CentreMasters Women226:39:00
42One West ADragon ZoneOpen Women226:49:00
51FCRCC Distance Women 2FCRCCOpen Women327:32:00
62Jericho 1JerichoMasters Women328:08:00
75FCRCC Premier WomenFCRCCOpen Women428:35:00
82FCRCC Distance Women 3FCRCCOpen Women528:37:00
91Jericho 2JerichoOpen Women628:44:00
104Skinny Fish Women's ADragon ZoneNovice Women128:54:00
112Holo Nui 1FLCCSenior Masters Women128:56:00
124Skinny Fish Women's BDragon ZoneNovice Women229:01:00
131The Zig-ZagsDragon ZoneMasters Women429:47:00
141Ohana Spirit 2FCRCCSenior Masters Women230:04:00
152Red Hot WomenSudden ImpactMasters Women530:13:00
152E Holomua WomenFCRCCOpen Women730:13:00
164TitaniumFLCCKupuna Women130:23:00
175Go Go Gibsons GirlsGibsons Paddle ClubOpen Women830:40:00
184FLCC OutriggersFLCCMasters Women830:40* 10s penalty
192Ohana Spirit 1FCRCCSenior Masters Women330:55:00
201One West BDragon ZoneOpen Women931:07:00
214Titanium 2FLCCGolden Masters Women131:18:00
221Team HawkFLCCSenior Masters Women431:19:00
232Lotus Senior Masters WomenLotus Sports ClubSenior Masters Women531:26:00
244Titanium 1FLCCGolden Masters Women231:31:00
251FLCC CatalinaFLCCMasters Women631:32:00
261Huligans 1FCRCCGolden Masters Women331:48:00
274ShakabukuDragon ZoneNovice Women332:26:00
281Huligans 2FCRCCKupuna Women232:58:00
292Wet Wets WomenDragon ZoneOpen Women1032:58:00
302Team EagleFLCCSenior Masters Women632:58:00
314Kupuna Aqua BellesFCRCCGolden Masters Women433:38:00
324PhinstersFraser Valley DBMasters Women735:00:00
334Kupuna WahineFCRCCKupuna Women335:22:00
Heat Team Club Division Div. Place Time
1103 Girls, 2 Gays and a GuyFCRCCOpen Mixed122:40
29PR Masters MixedPacific Reach Paddling ClubMasters Mixed123:25
39One West BDragon ZoneOpen Mixed224:07:00
47Kelowna Mixed OneKelowna Paddle CentreMasters Mixed224:08:00
510FCRCC Premier Mixed 1FCRCCOpen Mixed324:26:00
696 Shades of GreySudden ImpactMasters Mixed324:36:00
76Holo Nui 3FLCCSenior Masters Mixed124:36:00
88Holo Nui 4FLCCSenior Masters Mixed124:42:00
910Lotus Youth MixedLotus Sports ClubOpen Mixed424:58:00
107Lotus Novice YouthLotus Sports ClubNovice Mixed125:11:00
119FCRCC Premier Mixed 2FCRCCOpen Mixed525:23:00
1210E Holomua IFCRCCOpen Mixed625:31:00
139Harrison CrusadersHarrison Paddle Sports ClubOpen Mixed725:37:00
14106 Shades of Light GreySudden ImpactOpen Mixed825:48:00
159RavensFraser Valley DBOpen Mixed926:03:00
168E Holomua IIFCRCCOpen Mixed1026:07:00
179Philer UpFCRCCOpen Mixed1126:08:00
189Phil's FavouritesFCRCCOpen Mixed1226:25:00
1910One West ADragon ZoneOpen Mixed1326:26:00
209Delta MixedDelta Racing Canoe ClubMasters Mixed426:32:00
2110VOS Mixed 1Vancouver Ocean SportsOpen Mixed1426:37:00
2210Team Phil #1FCRCCOpen Mixed1526:46:00
238Lotus Silver BulletLotus Sports ClubSenior Masters Mixed226:46:00
2410PR MixedPacific Reach Paddling ClubOpen Mixed1626:49:00
257Kupuna GreenFCRCCKupuna Mixed127:16:00
263Holo Nui 2FLCCMasters Mixed527:17:00
278Go Go Gibsons MixedGibsons Paddle ClubOpen Mixed1727:41:00
287Huligans 4FCRCCKupuna Mixed227:59:00
297TCC Big SplashDragon ZoneNovice Mixed228:13:00
3010Lotus Open MixedLotus Sports ClubOpen Mixed1828:18:00
317Skinny Fish MixedDragon ZoneNovice Mixed328:22:00
326EOTD - RedDragon ZoneNovice Mixed428:36:00
338FLCC CatalinaFLCCSenior Masters Mixed328:36:00
348FLCC OutriggersFLCCMasters Mixed628:51:00
358Night RidersFLCCMasters Mixed729:06:00
368Team EagleFLCCSenior Masters Mixed429:10:00
377ShakabukuDragon ZoneNovice Mixed529:22:00
386Swordfish BSwordfishNovice Mixed629:27:00
397Hawaiian PunchDragon ZoneJunior Mixed129:34:00
407Kupuna RedFCRCCKupuna Mixed330:35:00
417Ouroboros TitaniumDragon ZoneJunior Mixed230:46:00
425EOTD - BlackDragon ZoneNovice Mixed730:46:00
435Swordfish ASwordfishNovice Mixed830:47:00
446OC OGDragon ZoneJunior Mixed332:27 Huli'd

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