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Gorge Outrigger Race Results - July 18, 2015
This may go down as the flattest Gorge race ever - and the hottest! With a very light easterly wind, the hoped for one way downwind run was changed back to the classic triangle run. The only surf to be seen was coming off the paddle wheeler. Paddling in 35C weather, without a breeze is hot work! The chilled post-race beverages were well earned:) Congrats to all the Canadian crews that raced and placed!
OverallCrewDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Bend Oregon Outrigger-SrMstrWomen Unlimited Snr Mstr11:24:20
2FGPC Gorge Outrigger 2Women Open11:25:21
3Hanohano Outrigger Canoe ClubWomen Open21:28:30
4FCRCC-WOWomen Open31:30:02
5Kai Ikaika Paddling ClubWomen Open41:30:51
6Sand Point OutriggerWomen Open51:32:34
7FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1Women Open61:33:40
8Jericho Paddling ClubWomen Master11:34:16
9BBOP-MstrWomen Master21:35:33
10SOCCWomen Unlimited Open11:35:50
11ComoxWomen Master31:35:54
12Kikaha O Ke KaiWomen Unlimited Open21:38:21
13Penticton Racing Canoe ClubWomen Open71:39:22
14Hui Wa'a O WakinikonaWomen Open81:39:33
15Bridge City Paddling ClubWomen Open91:40:41
16Hood River Outrigger Canoe ClubWomen Master41:41:25
17Mountain Home Canoe ClubWomen Open101:41:42
18Bend Oregon OutriggerWomen Open111:44:06
19CROCC-OpenWomen Open121:44:15
1NACMixed Unlimited11:20:42
2FCRCC-1 WestMixed Open11:23:23
3FreelanceMixed Unlimited21:26:28
4Tri-Cities OCCMixed Open21:26:42
5Lotus Sports ClubMixed Open31:27:19
6Bay Area PaddlersMixed Open41:27:44
7BBOP-OpenMixed Open51:27:49
8Kai IkaikaMixed Open61:28:59
9Powell River and FriendsMixed Senior Master11:29:14
10Seattle Outrigger Canoe ClubMixed Open71:30:57
11CROCCMixed Master11:31:24
12Fort LangleyMixed Senior Master21:31:53
13FCRCCMixed Open81:33:36
14Sandpoint OutriggerMixed Master21:34:21
15Tri-Cities Outrigger-MixOpenMixed Open91:36:13
16Tri-Cities Outrigger-MixMasterMixed Master31:37:54
17Fairway GorgeMixed Open101:38:12
18FCRCC-MixMixed Open111:43:38
1NACMen-Unlimited Open11:06:06
2Cascadia/Where's Bob?Men-Master11:12:32
3Kai Ikaika-MenMen-Master21:12:42
4FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1Men-Open11:13:26
6Kai NaluMen-Unlimited Master11:13:36
7Sand Point Outrigger Canoe ClubMen-Master31:15:29
8Kai Pana Outrigger Canoe ClubMen-Open31:15:40
9Mountain Home Canoe ClubMen-Open41:16:17
10BendMen-Unlimited Master21:16:52
12Kai IkaikaMen-Master41:18:11
14Sand Point OutriggerMen-Open61:18:56
15Calgary Canoe ClubMen-Golden Master11:19:25
16Hui Wa'a O Puget SoundMen-Open71:19:55
17Jericho Paddling ClubMen-Master61:20:25
19Hood River Outrigger Canoe ClubMen-Master71:20:41
20FGPC Gorge Outrigger 2Men-Open91:21:00
21Seattle Outrigger Canoe ClubMen-Unlimited Open21:22:13
22Bridge City Paddling ClubMen-Open101:22:26
23FCRCC 2Men-Open111:23:45
24Kikaha-GoldenMen-Golden Master21:24:48
25FCRCC 3Men-Unlimited Open31:25:51
26Mountain Home CCMen-Open121:26:50
27Kikaha O Ke KaiMen-Open131:28:21
28Hui Wa'a O WakinikonaMen-Open141:28:47

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