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Jericho Iron Classic - May 25, 2019
Thanks to everyone who raced, to the Jericho Sailing Centre (always our heroes) and to all our volunteers (kids, FCRCC members, family). The weather could have been (much) better but racing was competitive, the food delicious, photos amazing (thanks Roger Pimenta).
JUNIOR COURSE (approx. 4.2 km.): West to first marker and back to Jericho
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Lotus JuniorsMixed Junior129:58
2FCRCC DolphinsMixed Junior236:31
SHORT COURSE (approx. 8 km.): West to a marker placed near freighters, southwest to 2nd channel marker, back to Jericho
Start of Race
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Goons With Spoons - FVPCMixed Masters 40+148:37
2RD Tanifa - FCRCCMixed Open149:15
3FCRCC Huligans MenMen Masters 60+150:05
4Delta OutriggerWomen 50+ Masters150:19
5Lotus Rec MixedMixed Masters 60+151:06
6RD Tanifa Mixed Too - FCRCCMixed Open255:55
7FLCC CatalinaWomen 50+ Masters256:33
8FCRCC Huligans MixedMixed Open31:00:20
WOMEN / MASTERS MIXED LONG COURSE (approx. 18 km.) Race course: West to a marker placed near freighters, southwest to red bell can, southwest to yellow QA marker, and back to Jericho pier. As the crow flies, it's 18km. With turns and tacking, average distance was 19.2 km.
At the QA Marker
Photo courtesy Roger Pimenta
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Canadian Open WomenUnlimited Open11:42:42
2Team Canada 50+ WomenSpec Masters 50+11:56:17
3Ageless Wonders - KPCUnlimited 50+11:58.03
4WMD Women - FCRCCUnlimited Open21:58:25
5Comox Wanitas - CVRCCSpec Open12:01:09
6Sasquatch Mixed Masters - FVPCSpec Mixed Masters 40+12:04:37
7Team Canada 60+ WomenSpec Masters 60+12:04:47
8Just 4 Kicks - NOPCUnlimited 50+22:06:15
9Comox Wahines - CVRCCSpec Open22:08:59
10Vancouver Ocean SportsSpec Masters 40+12:17:18
11FLCC Golden MastersSpec Mixed Masters 60+12:25:13
12Ohana Kupuna Strong - FCRCCSpec Masters 60+22:26:59
MEN / OPEN MIXED LONG COURSE Race course: Same as women's/open mixed
First Marker
Photo courtesy Roger Pimenta
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1FCRCC WMD MenUnlimited Open11:32:29
2Fairway Gorge Paddlng ClubUnlimited Open21:37:24
3Pacific Reach MenUnlimited Open31:39:21
4KPC Prune PickersUnlimited Masters 60+11:40:53
5Kelowna Paddlng ClubUnlimited Open41:41:13
6Lotus MixedMixed Unlimited Open11:43:48
7Jericho 1Unlimited Masters 40+11:45:20
8Hardy Bus Chickens - FCRCCMixed Unlimited Open21:46:51
9Just For Kicks - NOPCUnlimited Masters 40+21:54:35
10Jericho 2Spec Masters 40+11:56:08
11HOT - FVPCSpec Mixed Open11:58:22
12E Holomua - FCRCCSpec Mixed Open21:59:34
13FCRCC WMD MastersSpec Masters 50+12:00:32
14Masters Mooloolaba 6Spec Masters 60+12:03:05
15FCRCC Kupuna KaneSpec Masters 60+22:03:05
16Pacific Reach MixedSpec Mixed Open32:05:45
17FCRCC WMD OpenSpec Mixed Open42:06:23
18Vancouver Ocean SportsSpec Mixed Open52:20:04

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