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2019 Gorge Outrigger Canoe Race Results - July 13, 2019
Hosted by Waterwalker in the beautiful town of Stevenson, WA
Women's/MixedTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Team PuakeaOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited11:27:39
2Mixtah BoombasticOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited21:27:59
3FCRCC Hardy Bus ChickensOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited31:30:35
4Tony and the Smooth RidersOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited41:37:23
5Santa Barbara OCC AOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited11:38:04
6Team DougGolden Masters 55-59 Mixed Unlimited11:41:02
7Fairway Gorge Comp Master's WomenMasters 40-49 Women Unlimited11:41:52
8Rikkole Cree MixedOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited51:42:03
9O Kalani Open Women UnlimitedOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited21:43:43
10Hood River Wave RidersSr. Masters 50-54 Mixed Unlimited11:44:27
11O Kalani Open Coed UnlimitedOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited61:45:18
12Kialoa KarmaSr. Masters 50-54 Women Unlimited11:47:59
13Sand Point Mixed MastersSr. Masters 50-54 Mixed Unlimited21:48:12
14BBOP Team FourOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited31:48:31
15FCRCC WMD Canama TwoOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited71:49:00
16Team FreeLance MixedMasters 40-49 Mixed Unlimited11:49:53
17Jericho MixedMasters 40-49 Mixed Unlimited21:50:03
18Lotus OhanaOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec11:50:10
19Sand Point WahineOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited41:50:35
20M H C C KapunaKupuna 60+ Mixed Unlimited11:50:41
21Hood River Gorge GlidettesMasters 40-49 Women Unlimited21:50:45
22Rikkole Cree WomenOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited51:51:30
23FCRCC - E HolomuaOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec21:52:34
24MDROCCOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited81:53:37
25Tri-City Mixed Company TwoMasters 40-49 Mixed Spec11:53:53
26East Meets WestOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited61:54:12
27Latitude Fourty -eight Open WomenOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited71:54:42
28Dana MermaidsOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited81:55:35
29Senior Master Day DrinkersSr. Masters 50-54 Women Unlimited21:55:45
30Bridge City MixedOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited91:56:04
31Honeybuckets SOCCOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited91:56:30
32FCRCC WMD Canama OneOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec31:56:43
33Kikaha Open MixedOpen 18-39 Mixed Unlimited101:57:17
34Santa Barbara OCC BOpen 18-39 Women Unlimited101:57:52
35Kikaha O Ke Kai Team HamajangSr. Masters 50-54 Mixed Spec11:58:28
36BBOP Team ThreeMasters 40-49 Mixed Spec21:58:46
37Dana Gorge-ousSr. Masters 50-54 Women Unlimited31:59:01
38Hui Heihei Wa'aMasters 40-49 Mixed Spec32:01:07
39VOS Mixed MastersMasters 40-49 Mixed Spec42:01:31
40Hawaii Fifty Mixed Sr MasterSr. Masters 50-54 Mixed Spec22:01:54
41Pacific Dragons Sydney - Orange WomenOpen 18-39 Women Spec12:02:24
42Wahine o Wakinekona Team WOWOpen 18-39 Women Spec22:02:38
43FGPC IM Open WomenOpen 18-39 Women Spec32:02:47
44Imua Kailua Masters MixedMasters 40-49 Mixed Spec52:03:01
45Hood River Gorge Grand GurusKupuna 60+ Mixed Spec12:03:10
46Mountain Home MixedOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec42:03:15
47Kikaha Master Women and RussMasters 40-49 Mixed Unlimited32:03:45
48Latitude Fourty-eight GM WomenGolden Masters 55-59 Women Unlimited12:03:52
49FGPC IM Sr Masters MixedSr. Masters 50-54 Mixed Spec32:04:42
50Bend Oregon Outrigger BOO crewOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec52:06:30
51CROCC TeamOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec62:07:35
52SOCC Masters WomenSr. Masters 50-54 Women Spec12:08:31
53Penticton WomenOpen 18-39 Women Spec42:09:39
54BBOP Team FiveOpen 18-39 Women Spec52:12:14
55Wasabi GRIT IntensityMasters 40-49 Women Spec12:16:30
56Pacific Dragons Sydney - Black WomenOpen 18-39 Women Spec62:18:51
-Sand Point MixedOpen 18-39 Mixed Spec-DQ
-Wasabi GRIT RhythmOpen 18-39 Women Spec-DNF
-Wasabi GRIT TogetherSr. Masters 50-54 Women Spec-DNF
Men'sTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Air TahitiOpen 18-39 Unlimited11:05:38
2NAC The Back Bay BabesOpen 18-39 Unlimited21:11:08
3Geronimo Canoe ClubOpen 18-39 Unlimited31:11:46
4O Kalani Open UnlimitedOpen 18-39 Unlimited41:11:54
5Sand Point KaneMasters 40-49 Unlimited11:13:01
6Kikaha Master BlastersMasters 40-49 Unlimited21:13:18
7FCRCC WMD MenOpen 18-39 Unlimited51:13:28
8Dana Knuckle DraggersOpen 18-39 Unlimited61:14:00
9Rikkole CreeOpen 18-39 Unlimited71:16:21
10Fairway Gorge Comp OpenOpen 18-39 Unlimited81:16:41
11MDROCCOpen 18-39 Unlimited91:17:02
12BBOP Team TwoOpen 18-39 Unlimited101:17:41
13AFDL TeamMasters 40-49 Unlimited31:17:50
14Hood River Mas VientoSr. Masters 50-54 Unlimited11:17:55
15Mountain HomeOpen 18-39 Unlimited111:17:57
16Juanie's MisfitsOpen 18-39 Unlimited121:18:10
17Kai Ikaika Master UnlimitedMasters 40-49 Unlimited41:18:18
18SOCC Open OneOpen 18-39 Unlimited131:18:31
19Latitude 48 OpenOpen 18-39 Unlimited141:19:03
20Kelowna Prune PickersKupuna 60+ Unlimited11:19:46
21Jericho KupunaKupuna 60+ Unlimited21:22:56
22Pacific ReachOpen 18-39 Unlimited161:23:11
23Pacific Dragons SydneyOpen 18-39 Spec11:23:58
24Kikaha OpenOpen 18-39 Unlimited161:25:59
25Latitide 48Golden Masters 55-59 Unlimited11:26:54
26HWOPSOpen 18-39 Spec21:27:51
27IMUA OCC Newport Beach CaliMasters 40-49 Spec11:30:39
28Lokahi WarriorsOpen 18-39 Unlimited171:31:36
29Xisul S-ThuyelhMasters 40-49 Unlimited51:34:56
30Makule PupuleKupuna 60+ Spec11:36:14
31Lotus Greg Bo's Beautiful Old BoyzSr. Masters 50-54 Spec11:36:33
32SOCC Open TwoOpen 18-39 Spec31:37:45
33BBOP Team OneKupuna 60+ Spec21:37:51
34Tri-City Mixed Company OneOpen 18-39 Spec41:38:50
35Bisons TeamKupuna 60+ Spec31:39:04
36Sand Point Blue TeamOpen 18-39 Unlimited181:44:33
37Bend Oregon OutriggerOpen 18-39 Spec51:48:30

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