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Lotus V12 IceBreaker Results
January 19, 2019 ~ Race hosted by: Lotus Sports Club
9:15am Heat (Competitive Open Mixed)
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1Hardy Bus ChickensFCRCCMixed Open10:24:56Kidney Foundation
2FCRCC Premier 1FCRCCMixed Open20:25:07Balding for Dollars
3FCRCC WMD 1FCRCCMixed Open30:25:21False Creek Sprint Canoe & Kayak athletes
4FiretruckDragon ZoneMixed Open40:25:50Milton K. Wong Legacy Project
5FCRCC Premier 2FCRCCMixed Open50:26:34B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation Oncology
6FCRCC WMD 2FCRCCMixed Open60:27:52False Creek Sprint Canoe & Kayak athletes
10:00am Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1PR GlidersPacific ReachMixed Open10:26:46Food Bank
2FLCC Ice CubesFort LangleyMixed Masters 60+10:28:39B.C. Cancer Foundation
3FLCC Bedford BergsFort LangleyMixed Masters 60+20:29:39B.C. Cancer Foundation
4Starbucks Waverunners 2FCRCCMixed Open20:30:22Paddling for Change
5RD TanifaFCRCCMixed Open30:30:39Directions Youth Services
6Starbucks Waverunners 1FCRCCMixed Open40:32:03Paddling for Change
10:45am Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1Baby SharkDragon ZoneMixed Open10:26:13Vancouver Aquarium
2Tropical JuiceDragon ZoneMixed Open20:26:32B.C. Cancer Research
3Fire EngineDragon ZoneMixed Open30:26:46Milton K. Wong Legacy Project
4Daddy SharkDragon ZoneMixed Open40:26:55Vancouver Aquarium
5PR SurgersPacific ReachMixed Open50:27:30Food Bank
6Jungle JuiceDragon ZoneMixed Open60:28:53B.C. Cancer Research
11:30am Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1Bubbletea JuiceDragon ZoneMen Open10:26:24B.C. Cancer Research
2FCRCC KupunaFCRCCMixed Master 60+10:27:17Kidney Foundation of B.C.
3Powell River and GarthPowell RiverMixed Master 40+10:27:49Therapeutic Powell River
4JerichoJericho OCCMixed Open10:28:11Kidney Foundation of B.C.
5FLCC CatalinaFort LangleyMixed Master 40+20:28:39B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation
6Goons With SpoonsFraser ValleyMixed Open20:28:50Chilliwack Restorative Justice
12:15pm Heat (Novice)
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1FCRCC TurtlesFCRCCJunior Mixed10:29:41N/A
2FCRCC DolphinsFCRCCJunior Mixed20:30:25N/A
3Dragon HeartsDragon ZoneMixed10:30:26B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation
4After WorkVCKCMixed Master 50+10:32:09BC Lions Society for Children with Disabillities
5FLCC PhoenixFort LangleyWomen10:35:07Ishtar Women's Resource Society
1:00pm Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1PR MenPacific ReachMen Open10:25:30Food Bank
2SasquatchFraser ValleyMixed Open10:29:01B.C. Cancer Foundation
3Lima MahinaFairway GorgeMixed Open20:29:32B.C. Cancer Foundation
4Ohana SpiritFCRCCWomen Master 60+10:29:57False Creek Sprint Canoe and Kayak athletes
5VOSVOSMixed Open30:30:43Honour House Society
6FLCC TitaniumFort LangleyWomen Master 60+20:30:55Covenant House
1:45pm Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1L48 Black IceLatitude 48Mixed Open10:26:33Vancouver Island Mental Health Society
2L48 Kraken the IceLatitude 48Mixed Master 40+10:26:59Vancouver Island Mental Health Society
3FCRCC MDFCRCCMixed Open20:28:22Saints Rescue (in memory of Brad)
4Wolf PackVictoriaMixed Open30:29:05Michael J. Fox Foundation
5Powell River and PearsonPowell RiverMixed Open40:30:50Therapeutic Powell River
2:30pm Heat
PlaceTeamClubCategoryCat. PlaceTimeCharity/Organization
1CascadiaNW MixMen Open10:23:52Hope for Wildlife
2Xisul_Thuye'lhNanaimoMixed Open10:28:42Hul'q'umi'num' Language and Culture Collective
3L48 FrostLatitude 48Mixed Open20:29:07Vancouver Island Mental Health Society
4Sudden Impact BlackSudden ImpactMixed Master 40+10:29:28Special Olympics of B.C.
5Lotus Junior/Adult MixLotus SportsJunior/Adult Mix10:32:00Lotus Youth Program
6FCRCC HuligansFCRCCMixed Master 60+10:32:49Cystic Fibrosis Canada

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