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2019 MHCC Rooster Rock - Results - June 29, 2019
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1HROCC Team DougUnlimited11:16:11
2HROCC AWOLUnlimited21:16:18
3Bridge City Blue CanoeUnlimited31:21:09
4Free LanceUnlimited41:22:38
5Kai PanaUnlimited51:24:05
7Wakinikona West KoloaUnlimited71:25:58
8Mountain Home KapunaKupuna11:26:44
9Tri Cities LokahiMaster11:27:21
10Hui Hei Hei Wa’aSenior Master11:28:14
11Tri Cities Wild WingsOpen11:29:38
12Kai Ikaika LyannaOpen21:34:16
13Bridge City Masters of the UniverseMaster21:34:36
14Zamboanga AquarocketsJunior11:41:20
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Sand Point OutriggerUnlimited11:19:19
2HROCC Girls on a GlideUnlimited21:21:15
4HROCC Gorge UsUnlimited41:23:56
5Kikaha O Ke Kai OpenOpen11:24:59
6MHCC open womenUnlimited51:28:00
7Sandpoint Women OpenUnlimited61:28:20
8Bend OutriggerMaster11:29:54
9Kikaha O Ke Kai Sr MasterSenior Master11:32:37
10Kikaha O Ke Kai Open RedUnlimited71:32:37
11Wasabi Grit MastersMaster21:32:58
12Wasabi Grit OpenOpen21:34:51
13SOCC WahineOpen31:39:36
14CROCC WahineOpen41:41:38
15Bridge City Kona BoundOpen51:41:49
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Kikaha Makaya BlastersUnlimited11:09:43
2Sand Point The Bigger KahunasUnlimited21:09:55
3Left SOCCUnlimited31:10:09
4MHCC OpenUnlimited41:10:21
5HROCC FugawiUnlimited51:15:17
7Kikaha O Ke Kai Makule PurpleUnlimited71:17:13
8HROCC PONOUnlimited81:17:52
9Sandpoint OpenUnlimited91:19:44
10Zamboanga HokuOpen11:20:46
11Bend OutriggerOpen21:21:53
12Right SOCCOpen31:22:20
13MHCC The StalwartsMaster11:25:28
14Sandpoint MixOpen Mixed41:31:22
15Kai Ikaika MixedOpen Mixed51:32:10
-Kikaha SkittlesOpen6-
Short Course
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Larry Goodson & Mary Harmon - HROCCSurfski Double Mixed145:53
2Brian Kummer - HROCCSurfski Men146:20
3Bridge City New Kids on the BlockOC-6 Mixed Unlimited148:50
4John BurkeSurfski Men250:06
5Hood River HulaOC-6 Mixed Unlimited250:08
6Biggie Smalls - MHCCOC-2 Mixed Open150:20
7Savages - MHCCOC-2 Men Open151:54
8Mike Harrison - MHCCOC-1 Men153:26
9One Love - Sync or SwimOC-6 Men Open153:40
10Cynthia Conrad - Sand PointOC-1 Women Open155:05
11Giblets - Tri CitiesOC-2 Mixed Open255:28

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