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La Conner 2022 - Live and In Person Racing!
February 6, 2022 ~ Race hosted by: Sound Rowers and Paddlers
7 MilePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Ecker, JonasM HPK (High Performance Kayak)150:45:00
2Small, AaronM HPK (High Performance Kayak)253:17:00
3Klevak, EgorM HPK (High Performance Kayak)354:29:00
4Sawyer, IanM HPK (High Performance Kayak)454:30:00
5Swetish, AnaF HPK (High Performance Kayak)154:35:00
6Deem, KenM 1x-OWIII (Open Water shell > 24’)154:37:00
7Hildreth, DarianM HPK (High Performance Kayak)555:15:00
8Hirtle, PeterA 2x-OW (Open Water double)155:54:00
9Mooney, JohnM HPK (High Performance Kayak)655:57:00
10Rowe, ElyseF 2x-OW (Open Water double)156:52:00
11Medvedev, IvanM HPK (High Performance Kayak)758:13:00
12Kiesling, DonaldM HPK (High Performance Kayak)858:16:00
13Alan Lipp, Michael LeeM OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)158:26:00
14Eric Gerstl, Michael HammerM OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)258:29:00
15David Anderson, Will AndersonM OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)358:29:00
16Tory Taylor, Kelly JohnsonF 2x-OW (Open Water double)258:45:00
17Hayes, CarsonM 1x-OWIII (Open Water shell > 24’)21:00:08
18Newton, PeterM HPK (High Performance Kayak)91:01:24
19Clement, PaulM HPK (High Performance Kayak)101:01:27
20Peterson, MichaelM HPK (High Performance Kayak)111:03:35
21Ethan Odegaard, Abby ScogginsA HPK-2 (Double HPK)11:03:46
22Godfrey, GavinM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)11:03:49
23Dustin, ReiversM HPK (High Performance Kayak)121:04:41
24Quam, EricaF HPK (High Performance Kayak)21:05:29
25Whitehead, BeauM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)21:05:36
26Weeks, DeniseF HPK (High Performance Kayak)31:05:42
27Sternagel, RodM 1x-OWIII (Open Water shell > 24’)31:06:01
28Jacob Sando, Ernie WongM OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)41:06:52
29Bawden, GregM HPK (High Performance Kayak)131:06:53
30Cantrell, KimoM HPK (High Performance Kayak)141:07:12
31Mayhew, DanM HPK (High Performance Kayak)151:07:18
32Drea Park, Jason ParkA OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)11:07:20
33Holtman, JohnM FSK (Fast Sea Kayak)11:07:44
34Romo, LanceM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)31:07:45
35Mowry, DennisM HPK (High Performance Kayak)161:09:33
36Gilda, GregM HPK (High Performance Kayak)171:10:22
37Susan Debari, Julie van DoorenF OC-2 (Outrigger Canoe Double)11:10:48
38Flannelly, BrianM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)41:11:38
39Howat, DuncanM HPK (High Performance Kayak)181:12:01
40Walsh, MichaelM 1x-OWI (Open Water shell < 19’)11:12:19
41Cole, TraciF FSK (Fast Sea Kayak)11:12:36
42Gilda, LucieF 1x-OWIII (Open Water shell > 24’)11:12:48
43Peterson, KyleM HPK (High Performance Kayak)191:12:53
44Plume, NeilM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)51:13:06
45Gregory, MichaelM HPK (High Performance Kayak)201:13:54
46Roberts, JeremyM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)61:14:06
47Balchunas, VaughnM HPK (High Performance Kayak)211:14:40
48Mooney, DavidM HPK (High Performance Kayak)221:16:05
49Gross, JannaF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)11:17:05
50Andaluz, GerardoM FSK (Fast Sea Kayak)21:17:48
51Casey, RobM HPK (High Performance Kayak)231:17:52
52Ciarleglio, ConstanceF 1x-OWI (Open Water shell < 19’)11:18:30
53Fontenelle, MignonF OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)11:18:59
54Hall, TenarF FSK (Fast Sea Kayak)21:19:19
55Bentz, DavidM HPK (High Performance Kayak)241:19:22
56Lampi, MichaelM Pedal-boat11:19:25
57Reavley, PaulM HPK (High Performance Kayak)251:19:32
58McWilliams, GavinM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)71:19:58
59Harwood, JonM SK (Sea Kayak)11:20:24
60Tischler, AdamM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)11:20:59
61Kostelac, DavidM FSK (Fast Sea Kayak)31:21:06
62Sweeney, TheodoreM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)21:21:23
63Fihaki, BrownM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)31:22:05
64DennyM 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)11:23:42
65Storck, IvanM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)41:26:28
66Knight, KirkM 1x-OWI (Open Water shell < 19’)21:27:59
67Cooper, TobyM HPK (High Performance Kayak)301:33:43
68Brooke, Ricki-EllenF 1x-OWI (Open Water shell < 19’)21:33:44
69Hugo, JosephM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)81:34:49
70Ward, LindaF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)21:35:25
71Ellsberry, AndrewM SK (Sea Kayak)21:35:29
72Virdeh, LindseyF SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)11:36:12
73Delica, CarlM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)51:41:11
74Pestarino, Robin H.F Other11:45:15
75Proctor, JoshuaM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)61:48:46
76Knapp, LindaF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)31:49:07
77Allen, RalphM Other11:58:28
78Rasmussen, HollyF SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)22:00:01
3 MilePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Deschenes, DavidM 1x-Flatwater (Flat water racing single)119:52
2Swetish, TomM HPK (High Performance Kayak)122:08
3Buse, DerekM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)124:38:00
4TePaske, HenryM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)225:12:00
5Mares, GregorioM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)326:05:00
6Berger, RebeccaF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)127:12:00
7Roberts, AmandaF OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)128:33:00
8Rose, FrancineF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)229:54:00
9Geiger, MatthewM OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)430:42:00
10Small, SteveM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)133:24:00
11Falk, BrandonM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)233:52:00
12Weisse, HerbieM 1x-OWI (Open Water shell < 19’)137:22:00
13W, CarrieF 1x-OWII (Open Water shell, 19-21’)338:53:00
14Oesterreicher, HarryM SUP-14’ (board >12’6" and <= 14’)342:53:00
15Schuemann, SoniaF HPK (High Performance Kayak)152:07:00
16Mason, SteveM Other11:03:37
17Riley, AndreaF SUP-12’6" (Stand Up Paddleboard, stock)11:09:36
DNSReeves, KimberlyF OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe Single)--

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