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The Gorge OC6 Race Results - July 8 2023
Women / MixedTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Team TacoUnlimited - Women Open11:31:35
2Team Canada 40’s WomenUnlimited - Women Master11:33:22
3SBOCC Bird CallUnlimited - Women Open21:38:02
4Unlimited Mixed Wave ChasersUnlimited - Mixed Open11:38:08
5I-95 WahineUnlimited - Women Open31:39:17
6Mixed NutsUnlimited - Mixed Golden Master11:41:25
7Comox KoasUnlimited - Women Open41:43:15
8O Kalani Outrigger Open WomenUnlimited - Women Open51:43:35
9Na Wahine KoaUnlimited - Mixed Master11:43:43
10Brian and the Youngish GunsUnlimited - Mixed Open21:44:10
11LomatUnlimited - Mixed Master21:45:04
12Gorge GraffitiUnlimited - Mixed Senior Master11:45:13
13SBOCC Pineapple Space BunsUnlimited - Women Open61:45:18
14Seattle Outrigger WahineUnlimited - Women Open71:45:25
15Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited - Women Open81:46:10
16Southern Cross SistersUnlimited - Women Kupuna11:46:20
17Sand Point WomenUnlimited - Women Open91:46:27
18Kauai KoaUnlimited - Women Golden Master11:46:53
19FPH WomenUnlimited - Women Open101:47:32
20Ned's Mochi MunchersSpec - Mixed Open11:48:14
21O Kalani Senior Master WomenUnlimited - Women Golden Master21:49:01
22Kikaha SeniorsUnlimited - Mixed Senior Master21:49:08
23BBOP Master WomenUnlimited - Women Master21:49:30
24Merisa Mae Canoe ClubUnlimited - Women Open111:49:53
25Eastbound EdnasUnlimited - Women Senior Master11:50:19
26Kai Wai SistasUnlimited - Women Master31:51:09
27Hui Hei Hei Senior SilverdaleUnlimited - Mixed Senior Master31:51:24
28FCRCC RD Tanifa MixedUnlimited - Mixed Master31:51:56
29FCRCC WMO Women's OpenUnlimited - Women Open121:53:12
30HWOPS MixSpec - Mixed Open21:53:19
31Jericho WomenUnlimited - Women Open131:53:55
32Sand Point Mixed MastersUnlimited - Mixed Master41:54:13
336 GUnlimited - Women Kupuna21:54:26
34Hui Wa'a o Wakinikona MixedSpec - Mixed Open31:56:33
35Kikaha Master MixUnlimited - Mixed Master51:57:35
36Downunder DollsUnlimited - Women Master41:58:00
37BBOP MixedUnlimited - Mixed Senior Master41:59:10
38Good VibesUnlimited - Mixed Open32:00:36
39Mountain Home MaloloUnlimited - Women Open142:01:21
40FCRCC Ohana SpiritUnlimited - Women Kupuna32:01:38
41Seattle Outrigger MixedSpec - Mixed Master12:03:30
42Wahine Ho'omauUnlimited - Women Kupuna42:04:24
43Kikaha Kupuna CoedUnlimited - Mixed Kupuna12:04:41
44BBOP Open WomenSpec - Women Open12:05:42
-Hui Heihei Wa'a Open CrewUnlimited - Mixed Open-DNF
-Bend OutriggerSpec - Mixed Open-DNF
MenPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Air TahitiUnlimited - Men Open11:03:03
2Jah Jah LoveUnlimited - Men Open21:08:44
3Sand Point MenUnlimited - Men Open31:09:01
4S.O.M. CrewUnlimited - Men Open41:09:04
5Dana KnuckledraggersUnlimited - Men Master11:10:23
6O Kalani Open MenUnlimited - Men Open51:10:51
7Island Brave 1Unlimited - Men Open61:11:00
849 NorthUnlimited - Men Master21:11:02
9Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited - Men Master31:11:09
10Comox VallyUnlimited - Men Master41:12:19
11NamolakamaUnlimited - Men Kupuna11:12:42
12Kikaha Northwest MastersUnlimited - Men Master51:12:48
13O Kalani Open Men 2Unlimited - Men Open71:13:00
14SBOCC Soggy DoggiesUnlimited - Men Open81:13:46
15FPH MenUnlimited - Men Master61:14:00
16Kauai OutriggerUnlimited - Men Kupuna21:16:06
17PDX VA'A Pineapple HeadsUnlimited - Men Master71:16:18
18Bernie's BoysUnlimited - Men Golden Master11:16:27
19Island Brave 2Unlimited - Men Open91:16:29
20PDX VA'A Mango HeadsUnlimited - Men Open101:16:44
21Sand Point Men 2Unlimited - Men Open111:16:53
22BBOP Master MenUnlimited - Men Master81:16:55
23Kai Wai Manuia BoyzUnlimited - Men Master91:17:08
24Mountain Home and the Dial of DestinyUnlimited - Men Senior Master11:17:30
25VPCUnlimited - Men Master101:17:48
26Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited - Men Open121:18:43
27The Elusive WifeUnlimited - Men Master111:19:33
28Seattle OutriggerUnlimited - Men Open131:24:53
29MHCC 2Unlimited - Men Master121:29:30
30Flow MaxUnlimited - Men Kupuna31:29:40
31Lanikai Kupuna MenUnlimited - Men Kupuna41:29:55
32FCRCC RD Tanifa MenUnlimited - Men Open141:36:18
-No FearUnlimited - Men Golden Master-DNF

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