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Rooster Rock Classic Race Results - June 24, 2023
Short Course
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited Open Mixed137:13:00
2Zamboanga ZamboSpritesSpec Open Mixed138:33:00
3Hot FuzzOC2 Masters Mixed140:55:00
4Tri-Cities EonoSpec Masters Mixed141:32:00
5Josh ArgubrightSUP Open Men147:20:00
6Brian HuvaneSUP Sr. Master Men147:48:00
7Manny de LeonSUP Sr. Master Men250:13:00
8Ed SoloOC1 Sr. Master Men150:26:00
Women's Long Course
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Sand Point WomenUnlimited Open11:12:10
2Seattle Outrigger Open WahineUnlimited Open21:21:26
3Hood River Dig DeepUnlimited Kupuna11:23:38
4BBOP OpenUnlimited Open31:24:14
5Hood River No-cocks-a-doodle-doUnlimited Sr. Masters11:25:18
6Sand Point Masters WomenUnlimited Masters11:27:15
7Mountain Home WomenUnlimited Open41:27:16
8Zamboanga Z GirlsSpec Masters11:28:16
9Sand Point - KeikeUnlimited Open51:31:35
10Wasabi GRITUnlimited Masters21:33:39
11Hood River Pure StrokeUnlimited Sr. Masters21:41:37
Men's Long Course
OverallTeamDivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Sand Point MenUnlimited Open11:09:15
2SOCC Open KaneUnlimited Open21:10:33
3Mountain Home Island BoundUnlimited Open31:11:55
4Kikaha St. Masters HammajangaUnlimited Sr. Masters11:12:14
5Bern and the BoysUnlimited Kupuna11:13:33
6Sand Point Men - UhanaUnlimited Open41:15:15
7Mountain HomeUnlimited Masters11:15:47
8Gorge Canoe ClubUnlimited Open51:18:05
9Sand Point - KeikeUnlimited Open61:21:35
10Hui Wa'a O WakinikonaSpec Open11:22:11
11Tri Cities Rad PaddlersSpec Open21:22:31
12Zamboanga Z BoysSpec Open31:27:45
13Kikaha Old Guys RuleUnlimited Kupuna21:29:58
14MikeOC1 Kupuna11:45:17

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