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Jericho Iron Classic - May 25, 2024 - Jericho Paddling Club
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Hardy Bus ChickensMasters 40+ Mixed Unlimited10:45:13
2Jericho JetsMasters 40+ Mixed Unlimited20:46:59
3FCRCC RD Tanifa Mixed ShortOpen Unlimited Mixed 10:55:21
4FCRCC J16 BoysJunior Men Unlimited10:55:36
5FCRCC J16 GirlsJunior Women Unlimited10:58:38
6Pacific ReachOpen Women Unlimited11:00:20
7JPC ShakabukuMasters 40+ Mixed Spec11:11:14
-HuligansMasters 60+ Mixed Spec1DNS
Women and Mixed Masters LONG COURSE
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Comox BlueOpen Women Unlimited11:11:53
2Jericho MixedMasters 40+ Mixed Unlimited11:12:28
3NopcocadvenurersMasters 50+ Mixed Unlimited11:12:45
4FCRCC Vancouver Va'a Women's Open 1Open Women Unlimited11:13:32
5FCRCC Ohana Spirit LightningMasters 60+ Women Unlimited11:17:04
6Comox OrangeMasters 50+ Women Unlimited11:20:32
7Lat48 GM WomenMasters 60+ Women Unlimited21:24:18
8FCRCC Vancouver Va'a Women's 50sMasters 50+ Women Unlimited21:24:38
9FCRCC Kupunas Black MixedMasters 60+ Mixed Unlimited11:24:55
10Suncoast Mixed 60+Masters 60+ Mixed Spec11:25:47
11Comox BlackMasters 40+ Women Unlimited11:26:32
12Kekoa SpiritMasters 50+ Women Spec11:28:24
13The Hackney DiamondsMasters 60+ Mixed Spec21:29:28
14FCRCC Ohana Spirit ThunderKapuna 70+ Women Unlimited11:33:34
-VOS Oarn't We There Yet?Masters 50+ Mixed Spec-DNS
-VOS Dainty We're NotOpen Women Spec-DNS
Men and Open Masters LONG COURSE
OverallPaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Lat48 Mixed BlackOpen Mixed Unlimited10:57:07
2Kendra Is 39Open Mixed Unlimited20:57:38
3Pacific Reach MenOpen Men Unlimited10:58:25
4FCRCC Vancouver Va’a Men’s 50sMasters 50+ Men Unlimited10:58:56
5Lat48 Mixed GreenOpen Mixed Unlimited31:00:47
6Hilo 70’S CalverjerichoKapuna 70+ Men Unlimited11:01:22
7Lat48 SM MenMasters 50+ Men Unlimited21:02:11
8Lotus Mixed OpenOpen Mixed Unlimited41:02:54
9FCRCC Vancouver Va'a Men's OpenOpen Men Spec11:05:40
10Flcc Ctp Men’S 60+Masters 60+ Men Unlimited11:06:20
11FCRCC RD Tanifa MenMasters 40+ Men Unlimited11:10:23
12Lotus MastersMasters 40+ Men Spec11:12:05
13FCRCC Kupuna 70+ MenKapuna 70+ Men Spec11:13:59
14VOS Super Splash BrothersMasters 40+ Men Spec21:16:10
15FCRCC Kupunas RedMasters 60+ Men Spec11:18:12
16Lotus Men OpenOpen Men Spec21:19:35
17FCRCC RD Tanifa MixedOpen Mixed Unlimited51:21:23
18FLCC Ctp Open MixedMasters 50+ Men Unlimited31:22:54

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